Monday, July 28, 2008

Bunny market events!

Jasmine, a red eyed white English Angora, with two of her kits, who just opened their eyes and are happy hopping around, exploring the world..
Jazz, our "bunny dog" in Australian snow in the Yarra Valley...she was surprised ! as you can see..

Yesterday I braved the cold, windy and wet weather in Melbourne and worked at the Arts Centre Market at Southbank again (stall nr 34): getting up at 5 am is not exactly fun in winter I can tell you ! It was fun however to see so many of you fibre fanatics out there cuddling my handspun yarns and hand dyed fibres: I feel that it is always at least 10 degrees warmer at my stall because of Thanks to Margaret who showed me her baby booties made from ixchel angora yarn called "Rainbow" a yummy happy mix of colours. We agreed that although the booties would not fit either of us , they would just look great on her table , ready to be stroked, fondled and hugged....ofcourse the baby would not agree....Unfortunately I am not in posession of a mobile phone that takes photos so I cannot show you any pics of the booties, but I can show you the of the booties will be sent to me later and I will share their yumminess with all of you!.

I was one of the lucky ones to see the fab "Peleton socks" of Ozknitter yesterday at the market, and I am sure that she will post them on Ravelry soon: they are just incredible! Can't wait to see the knitted up Australian Frilled Lizard Sock kit that she bought from me yesterday ! Have fun Ozknitter!

The Australian Frilled lizard socks are made of 5% angora and 95% merino 18micron, hand dyed first and then hand spun as an energized single so you get this fantastic slanting energized sock!: your feet will never get tired I knitted the socks on 5 dpn instead of 4, just to make it that little bit more easy to handle. The heel is great fun to tackle as well!

Better get back to spinning some more fluffy angora and get warm! Colour your spirit and have fun!


Suzi said...

Hiya Charly!
Love the bunnies! just gorgeous! Loved all you items at the Bendigo Wool show too! I did have a chat with your Hubby! Good luck with the Blogging and the new website!

Namfon said...

Hi Charly.
I'm an asian girl with freezing hands :)
I do love your mittens but unfortunately I lost one side :*(
Are there any possibilities that you will be able to make a right side mitten for me please....

I'll see you around the same spot.
PS: i'm now on the way doing the white bundle.

Terri C.

ixchel bunny said...

Hi terri,
So sorry to hear that you only have one mitten left: Just bring the other one in and I will see what I can do! See you Sunday at the market: same spot: stall 34 at the Southbank Arts Centre market! Keep warm! Hug a bunny :-) Charly