Tuesday, September 16, 2008

High Impact or...Close Encounters with hard Surfaces and other ways to get plastic surgery ...

Red Rainbow

Let me first share my world with you before "The Impact" on Saturday night (and I am NOT talking about the AFL game St Kilda vs Collingwood !)..... As I mentioned on Ravelry I have hand dyed some new fluffy yummy angora merino tops or as they are known now ANGORINO Braids!


Here are the new angorino babies of last week, ready to be pampered, fondled , hugged and then felted or spun up for your fav project:

Pink Daze


Tealy Blues

Purple Rainbow

Spring !


Purple Haze
Green Rainbow
the Blues
Autumn Leaves

All Angorino braids weigh 150-160g and are AU$19 each. Just let me know which one you want and I will send it to you by express mail ! Easy! These Angorino braids are hopping off the shelves fast so if you want to catch one be quick!

Close Encounters ......

What happens when you look forward to putting your feet up, watching a good movie accompanied by a nice drink and you want to get to that snuggly place as soon as possible? Right: you feel energised after feeding all the animals and leap from one sleeper step to the other like an Olympian Hurdle jumper and then, all of a sudden, the laws of Physics harshly remind you that :

1.you are Not an Olympian Sportsperson,

2.You are definitely NOT "Twiggy"......(a supermodel of the 60s for all you young chicks)

3.there is moss and wetness on the sleeper that you just landed on and

4. there is such a thing as gravity !!!!!

in 1 second Reality caught up with me and from my energised jump my head was catapulted onto the edge of another sleeper...BANG, CRASH, CRACK!!! I tell you, I never got up so quickly as that time ! holding my what I thought was a broken nose , bleeding all over my favourite T-shirt ! and flying up the stairs to get to the bathroom in the house as fast as possible ! Blood everywhere and I kept on saying to myself "You stupid idiot! not good...not good...not good...." Anyway, it was not a broken nose ! yeah! But what was that huge crack I heard? after inspecting my mouth with my tongue I found out that my teeth were still there and were not moving that much either ! Thank GOD!!!! But where did all the blood come from then? I looked in the mirror after holding my head under the tap and ...OH MY .....!!!!!!!....instead of having 2 nostrils and a mouth there was an extra GAP in between my nose and my mouth...not going into too much detail for all of you YOUNG readers, but I tell you it was not a fleshwound and it was not "petite"....I could have played a part in "the corpse bride" since my upper jaw bone was happily laughing back at me in the mirror! .......

Since Paul was enjoying himself at the MCG watching St Kilda play, he could not help me- he was about a three hour drive away from me , so apart from not wanting to spoil his long awaited night out, I knew calling him would be useless, ...so ....I "jogged" to the neighbours scaring the living daylight out of Sue and Ian....I say, what better way to spend a Saturday night in Emergency at Hospital eh? .....There went my night in slippers, a good movie and a nice drink!

After Dr Richard (a great guy, although I almost belted him when he was pricking me with a rather nasty local anaesthetic ) had me go get a CT scan to be sure that there wasnt a huge jaw fracture there , he attached my nose and my lip to the rest of my face and Ian drove me home...the Adrenaline was pumping so hard and fast I couldnt sleep at all that night......so in the morning I drove to Southbank looking like Mrs Frankenstein after having Botox and worked at the market all day. My collegues were fabulous, Leonore helped me unpack and pack up, and the customers I did not scare away in the first place were magnificent too: thank you Tanyaed ! for being such an enthusiastic fibre fanatic and visiting my stall for the first time and not being scared off by my "nightmare before X-mas" appearance.......lol

Sunday night I slept like a baby and only woke up at 12noon on the Monday. Paul begged me to take it easy! and for once I think I will listen to him.....!!!!

Oh you know what is really "X-filish" and Eerie? My horoscope of the Sunday said :

"you have to be careful, this is a very accident prone time for Capricorn!" ........

hey, if they would only have told me that on Saturday morning!!!!


Sharon said...

Sounds awful...

I'll take your advice as a fellow Capricornian!

cats-rockin-crochet said...

OMG! You explain things very well, I can see the ghastly wound. And I thought I was dying a few months back when I fractured my big toe, (not a good idea to read and walk down the stairs at the same time).
You must take it easy and don't push your self too much.

Meagan said...

Yowch!! Hope you are recovering OK.
How do I go about purchasing Green Rainbow?

ixchel bunny said...

Hi Meagan, love your funky spinning! I am leaving a message here because you asked me how to go about purchasing the green rainbow angorino braid. Well, easy, just email me your address so I know where to send it to by express mail and you can pay by direct banktransfer! Just email me for all the specifics at ixchel@iprimus.com.au
hugs, Charly (ixchelbunny)