Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy growing bunnies and glowing bunnies in the dark?

The kits are now three months old and are growing like...well..cabbages? Especially Popcorn, our diva queen bunny is extremely BIG for her age! It was to be expected because she was the biggest of the litter to start with:)
The hair of Popcorn is fabulous: just look at the bands of gold ! Can't wait to spin..:)
Flopsy, our sweet little agouti girl, is doing fine and is lots smaller than Popcorn is, but has the most fascinating hairdo I have ever seen on an English Angora: blue base, gold tips and some brown and black in each hair! You wouldn't be able to genetically manipulate even if you tried very very hard!
Wombat, our little black bloke, is still with his mum and sisters, tiny (remember he was the tiniest in the litter) and has a gorgeously shiny face and super fine black hair !
Gorby (the grey rascal) was hopping around so much I just couldn't get a photo that was any good.....aaaah...he is already in his own separate enclosure away from the girls because he had quite a keen interest in ...eh well...."getting busy"....lol
Glow in the dark Bunny
I have been reading on the net that there has actually been a bunny born that glows in the dark! In the name of "science" and "Art" the bunnies genes have been genetically manipulated ! Yes, it is true: a gene from a jelly fish was incorporated in the bunny gene sequence to enable the rabbit to glow in the dark or when a UV light hits it! As if the bunny is going clubbing and wants to stand out in the crowd ?!!!!! Anyway, this "scientist artist" as he calls himself has a plan to do the same thing to a dog! When is the human race going to be glowing in the dark? Well, I guess then we wil be able to read a book without turning the light on! A bummer for all of us who want to play hide and seek though.......
This Friday: i will be posting some NEW hand painted angorino tops and alpaca/angora hand dyed slivers! Get ready to virtually cuddle bunny!

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Sharon said...

Your bunnies are beautiful!