Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Bunnies and chocolate

We are coming up to a bunnies most exciting part of the year - Easter!!! We're talking chocolate bunnies, chocolate eggs, chocolate wombats (seriously!) - did I mention chocolate!?! Mmmm, mmmm. Of course it has its consequences - slow, sluggish ixchelbunny with a chocolate smeared face - not a pretty sight! If you want to get through to a chocolate affected ixchelbunny on those days please don't approach her wearing anything that could be mistaken for colourful foil wrapping and don't make any sudden moves that could be interpreted as a jump start on an Easter Egg hunt. Following these simple safety precautions will make it possible for you to stalk these newly made Easter bunny fibre pretties safely :)
Have a super fun Easter and
Happy Easter Bunny Fibre Hunting !
Angorino Tops (95%merino, 5% english angora bunny, 150-160g/5.64oz, AU$19)
Chocolate Easter Eggs Surprise
Rose Petal -1 left-
Bunny Mardi Gras -1 left-
Irish Mist SOLD
Kangaroo Paws SOLD
Chartreuse SOLD
Barossa Party SOLD
Funky happy Easter Funky Bunny Alpaca batts
Finding Nemo SOLD
(109g, AU$35, baby alpaca, angora bunny, glitz, angelina, bamboo, ramie, soy silk, silk, sari silk, silk combings)
Forest faeries SOLD
(107g/AU$35, bunny, baby alpaca, yak, baby camel, glitz, angelina, silk, soy silk)
Dusk forest -SOLD-
(99g/AU$35, baby alpaca, angora bunny, merino, silk, glitz, angelina, sari silk)
Spring Festival SOLD
(127g/AU$38, baby alpaca, merino, angora bunny, glits, angelina, silk, sari silk, yak)
Burgundy sunset SOLD
(117g/AU$37, baby alpaca, angora bunny, silk, silk combings, yak, cashmere, soy silk, bamboo, glitz, angelina)
Summer Party SOLD
(113g/AU$37, baby alpaca, yak, angora, merino, soy silk, bamboo, glitz, angelina, sari silk)
Angora Yarn (hand spun and hand dyed English Angora + silk)
Delfts Blue available 50g, AU$15/25g) SOLD

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