Friday, April 17, 2009

of Time and the Fibre Quest for Happiness

Amazing how some things can just make you stop in your if ....Time did not exist for just a moment and there you are: in awe of the Look of that magnificent sunset, the Feel of that squishy soft fibre, Hearing a baby laugh, the Taste of something heavenly (like eh...chocolate maybe? lol) OR on the other side of the coin : .... .... .. . the last beat of a heart..... ... .
This Blog entry is totally dedicated to our loving bunny Frodo, whose heart stopped beating on Easter Monday......he was such a character: always the clown of the bunnies, "out there" and an absolute JOY. He will be missed very very much ...........!
Frodo and Jazz (when Frodo was 5months old)
The Fibre Quest for Happiness
Hand dyed Blue Faced Leicester + Bunny (100g/AU$19)
Frodo in Rivendell SOLD
Rohan -sold-
Galadriel -sold-
Samwise Gamgee SOLD
Frodo and the Ring SOLD
The last of the Old Norwegian hand dyed Tops ! (100g/AU$17)
The Ring SOLD
Mordor SOLD
Hand spun and hand dyed 50/50 Peace silk/Bunny yarn (25g/AU$15, wpi 12)
Red Sunset (total available 100grams)
Berry Nice (total available 120grams)
Purple Glow SOLD
Turquoise Turtle bunny (SOLD)
Fern Forest (total available 100grams)
Waca Paca Funky Batts
These batts have a majority of Organic Baby Alpaca fibre combined with lots of other fun fuzzy fibres like Angora Bunny, baby camel and lots and lots of Peace Silk and Glitz to give the necessary Funky Bling !
Jade Waca Paca Batt SOLD
(102grams/AU$35, Baby alpaca, angora bunny, silk, bamboo, Glitz and angelina)
Ent Forest Waca Paca SOLD
(107grams/AU$35)Baby Alpaca, Yak, Angora, Baby Shetlans, Glits + angelina)
Fairy Floss Waca Paca Batt SOLD
(137grams/AU$39, baby alpaca, yak, angora, soy silk, silk, Glitz and Angelina)


diane_s said...

sorry to hear about Frodo . Hugs to you and all the bunnies

ixchel bunny said...

Thanks for the hugs Diane !