Friday, May 29, 2009

Life down here on Earth

It all depends on perspective doesn't it? Sometimes being in a certain situation can prove to be very pleasant, but then something changes and all of a sudden that very nice pleasant situation becomes intollerable completely. Just imagine booking a luxury cruise....(Personally it's not my cuppa tea, being "locked in" on a boat with a whole bunch of strangers for a period of time and not being able to just "hop off"....but to each their So, here they are, all these people together on a boat having fun in a confined space, BUT -here's the catch- once they THINK their holiday is over and they can go home....OINK!...swineflu quarantine sets in and ...a whole new scenario starts. All of a sudden it's not a luxury holiday , it's a prison! what in my mind was a "kind of prison" in the first place, to them their whole perspective changed as soon as they found out they HAD to stay....weird? strange? human?...Life and perspective can play tricks on the mind and visa versa. Call me weird but I just love that...:) If you do too, read Albert Camus, Simone de Beauvoir, Sartre, Franz Kafka and look at the art of Dali for example....strange, absurd and mind blowing. Just like looking at the way you spin your yarn, thinking it is all out of whack and then all of a sudden you find it is the most gorgeous yarn you ever spun! Or seeing all of a sudden that something simple can become something wonderfully complex and interesting (see the magical Maya wrap featured in this weeks blog).
This whole thing about absurdity and perspective ofcourse all came about because of something happening here on the Ixchel fibre farm you may know I am always multitasking (too much Paul would say) so when I was running around feeding the bunnies, the chooks, grooming Cinderella, I had no clue that behind my back there were strange things happening: Jazz our "bunny dog" was mixing with the king parrots while they all had a party eating the wild bird seed in a bowl on the porch.
The King Parrots accepted Jazz into their fold as it were, while ALL of them were digging in the birdseed. At that same time, Popcorn our Golden haired angora bunny, somehow managed to hop out of his "day care run" and was intently looking at the whole scene and hopped to it! we had a dog, a bunny and king parrots all together!
Ofcourse I was just too late to get a picture of the whole scene (making a mental note here now: always carry a camera !). Then I looked around and there they were: Kookaburras watching my every move waiting for their piece of food probably.
It was all happening ! and then I am not even talking about our chooks...performing a steeplechase to catch a couple of grapes and slamming into an apple tree instead.... or trying to hatch something..well...unhatchable.... lol.
As usual I have been spinning and dyeing and weaving as well this week and I am offering you the following yummy fibres, yarns and handwoven garments and accessories. Just email me or pm me on (where I am ixchelbunny) if you want to adopt any of the new babies :)
Have a fun week ! See you next friday or on !
Hand dyed Angorino Tops (150-160g, AU$19)
Inspiration: the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia
Rosebud -sold-
Phillip Island
Peninsula Rainbow
Wilsons Prom
Hand dyed 2 ply Mulberry Peace silk (100g/Au$35) Great for lace knitting+weaving!
Barossa glow
Autumn Leaves -sold-
Hand spun and hand dyed 8ply Mulberry peace silk (50G/au$14)
(+/- 250-300m/100g, available +/-100g per colour, more for the natural..great for crochet as well ! If you are after a certain colour or colour combination: I custom spin and dye just for you !)
Autumn Leaves8ply
Seaweed 8ply
Marble dyed Mulberry Peace silk tops (50g/AU$23)
Dolphin swim
Grapevine Sunset
Hand spun and hand dyed Camelbunny & silk yarn (25g/$15)
Cyclamen Ocean (196 g available)
Wombat party (284 grams available)
Colour your spirit Headbands (AU$18)
Wear it as a scarf or a funky headband!
Summer time -sold-
Maya Wrap: the magical wearable art
you can wear in about 12 different ways! Fits size 6 to 26+ !
Touch Maya wrap (silk, angora, cashmere and bamboo, fancy yarn. AU$180)
just some examples on the many ways to wear a Maya wrap. Don't worry : they come with
Touch Maya wrap close up view of the weaving : a very funky spaced weave combination
Love Maya Wrap (silk, bamboo, cotton, superfine merino, cashmere bunny, gold thread. AU$180)
Love Maya wrap close up view of the weaving structure
If you would like to have a custom hand woven, hand spun or hand dyed Maya wrap in YOUR colours, just contact me and I will be more than happy to make you a unique beautiful Maya Wrap just for you ! You can see more Maya wrap styles, colours and close ups on (follow the set "Maya wraps").


SewKnitNBeads2 said...

I love the picture of the mother hen nursing the puppy. And the chick standing at her side wondering whether she's left out.

Lynne S of Oz said...

Hehehehe. Silly chook (not you!). The kookas on the front verandah waiting for a feed remind me of the one that was given a raw sausage. By the time it had "killed" the sausage thoroughly, there was only the skin left. It must've thought it was a pretty lousy snake!