Friday, July 10, 2009

bunny baby update

just back from taking care of the bunny babies..and all the other angora bunnies (the girls are having a play and a run outside and even Mickey, our silver grey boy, is outside in a separate run! I had to clip a couple of dreadlocks off him he developed overnight,,,lol).
Mojos kittens are doing fine! no one has died, even Toppings litter is looking great! the only one who has lost 2 grams is the agouti coloured one of Mojo, but that could just be that he has missed out on one feed or has just Have got all the milk in place to give them extra just in case..."Babe" (the pinkie one) has gained 3 grams :) !
worked til 2.30 last night to prepare everything for Bendigo sheep and wool show and still haven't made a dent.....oh well....


Leonie said...

Glad to hear that Topping is coping. And that all the kits are doing well. Will continue to keep fingers crossed for you.

Marg B said...

ding lots of virtual hugs to you and the bunnies. Hope all is continuing to go well.