Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Fibre & Bunny Fix

I cannot believe it is THAT time of the year again! The year has flown passed and now it is ready to pass the pumpkin, practical jokes and watch funny scary movies :) I like funny scary me weird, but I do...I do not like the slash and gore kind of stuff but somewhere inside there is defenitely a goth hiding waiting to come Yep I like FUN Gothic stuff :) you know the Tim Burton style wonderful magic of reality revisited...quirky! that's it.. quirky gothic...
I have not done that much so there is a very limited supply. Having to take it easy sucks, but it appears that something tapped in my energy supply pulled the heavy duty energetic plug out and I am in "green mode" or energy saving mode :) (more on all my "stuff"at the end of this blog.....
The baby bunnies are doing absolutely amazing and they have the most wonderful drooping earfluff now. Here are some photos:
Skye, is an amazingly extrovert naughty quirky bunny and gorgeous too !
Kabookie is just like her mum, very gentle and sweet and laid back.
She loves to cuddle up to her sisters and then gets a huge sneeze attack
because all the fluff gets up her
Anyway, I am babbling but that is the theme of this fibre update. so let's get drooling right now :)
Here they are:
Hand dyed Wensleydale Tops 100g/AU$20
Alice in Wonderland SOLD
Edward Scissorhands SOLD
Frankenweenie SOLD
Mars Attacks! SOLD
Sleepy hollow SOLD
Natural Wensleydale ! Super deal: 100g/AU$14
Hand dyed Bunny Shetland sockweight yarn
(4ply, 300-340m per 100g, super nice for socks but also for shawls !
hmmmmyum yum!) 90-100gram skeins for the amazing price of AU$23 !!!!
normally AU$26
Beetlejuice SOLD
Bluebeards haunted castle SOLD
Frankensteins bride ("c'mon Melbourne I thought u liked greys&
Werewolf of London SOLD
WereRabbit SOLD
Ixchelbunny news update
It has been rough again last week...I went to the hospital for a scan as you know and saw the oncologist last Tuesday...the diagnosis was confirmed (hey, why couldn't it all have been a mistake eh? like: "surprise! April Fools day!.we just wanted to check out your stress behaviour."..after which ofcourse I would have punched them in the yes ,,hospital and a big operation it is in two or three weeks time .
..and guess when I have to go to pre admission? yep FRIDAY THE FRICKIN 13th! Howz that !? anybody have a black cat that I can take along with me ?lol I am calmer about it now but I totally freaked out and collapsed when I heard which "bits" had to go(all and more and maybe radiotherapy after) is just utterly impossible to imagine and know what?
Doing all the reserach, reading other peoples stories, talking to so many survivors and friends of....makes one thing absolutely clear: too many women are suffering, too many women have been through what I am going through or worse, there are too many women that have suffered in silence,,,mostly...and I am angry! I am sad! I am at a loss but most of all I want to fight! There have been medical breakthroughs for so many things. There has been so much money going into research for...okay , I am going to say it ....although men will hold it against me ...hopefully not, etc, etc, etc... (I know it is a hard topic...ooops pardon the , but here are some figures to sink your teeth into and think about how women are affected by cancer qand all the rest of what is called "female problems" it ovarian, breast-, uterine or cervical cancer, polyps, fibroids, cysts....Every 10 minutes there are 12 women that undergo a hysterectomy! (in the USA, I could not find any statistics for Australia). ONE in three women over 60 have had a hysterectomy !
All I can say and ask of you is please , please have check ups ! It is better to have them more often than not at all..If it wasn' t for my stubborn behaviour and 'wanting to have a family, my "condition" would have easily have gone undetected for months, years maybe!
Thank you all for showing me so much compassion, understanding and support ! I would not be able to handle this enormous task ahead of me without you all !
Thank you so much for making a difference !!!
Love & Peace to you all :))


Leonie said...

Wishing you all the best for a successful surgery and recovery.

Thank you for verbally kicking those of us who don't do that regular check up on time, up the proverbial. I have been putting mine off. It's time to just get it over and done with I think.

Good luck, we'll be thinking of you.

Marg B said...

You are one tough fantastic lady Charly and an inspiration to us all. Wishing you all the best for your upcoming journey.

I must, however, correct one (very common) misunderstanding about viagra. The drug was originally developed with the aim of treating a common heart condition which leads to fatal heart attacks in both men and women. It works by dilating the blood vessels, enabling more blood to get to the heart. It was only when they started testing it on people (especially middle-aged men) that they realised what the "side-effect" was. Many of these men refused to give up their unused test samples and pested the researchers for more. At that stage the $ signs lit up, the research went in a new direction and viagra became known as an anti-impotency drug. Nowadays people snigger when they hear about viagra being used for open-heart surgery on small babies, etc - but this is much closer to its original purpose than its better known use today.

Roz Creates said...

Hi Charly, good luck with the surgery and be sure to take care of yourself.
My daughter was diagnosed with cervical cancer recently, she is 21
Our life has been tipped upside down but I know like you she is a strong girl and will get through it too, with love and support from family and friends. I wish you all the best and will be following your progress. lots of love Roz