Friday, January 29, 2010

The Infinite Bunny Fibre Experiment & Bunny Quantum Physics

You ask :"What has Quantum Physics to do with fibre, angora bunnies, spinning and general fibre addiction?" Well, in short This last week I have been trying to get my head around lots of things, trying to exercise both my left and right brain and the highway in between them, just because I noticed there was a high memory deterioration going on....and it frightened me.
Ever since the hysterectomy to get rid of the cancer I have a suspicion there is a high correlation between the reproductive organs and the brain. I mean we already suspected that in the male population but to experience this as a female is highly unnerving...
All the fibre clubs and batt clubs are on their way (or have already been received)by the club members, but here's the story that set my brain theory in motion: I loaded everything in the car to go to the postoffice: Jazz, the parcels, me. I have to drive appr. 20kms to get to the postoffice. Just about there the car decided it had enough of me playing David Bowie LOUD in the car and started producing some Metallica sounds of its own. In short, after LOUD rattling and huffing and puffing it gave up. No worries, I "parked"the car and walked the rest of the way to the postoffice only to realise when I was almost there that I had left my purse at home! Now how stupid is that?! Anyway, I walked back to the car, looked under the hood, saw that a fanbelt had slipped etc, managed to wiggle everything back in place and could huff and puff back home. So, to cut a long story short: my brain is Schrodingers cat at the moment: we don't know if it is alive or dead, so we have to presume it is Hence my leap in desperation into Quantum physics to attempt reviving my remaining brain cells into relatively good memory behaviour.

Apart from that it has been a week full of training sessions with Skye, where Jazz our dog is just looking on in amazement thinking "Oh boy, when am I ever going to get some peace around the place again?". Skye has been behaving a bit better, but I am guessing she is like a very naughty 6 year old trying to shift the boundaries all the time...exhausting! lol
Paul and I had a great time on the weekend where we celebrated our wedding anniversary going to the Heronswood Gardens on the Mornington peninsula (lots of photos on my flickr photostream at and we hd a wonderful dinner at The Rocks in Mornington where Paul had a taste of some dark ale named White Rabbit as well!
Heronswood Gardens
Close up of a passion flower Bee landing platform at Heronswood
There is a brewery in Healesville not too far from us called the White Rabbit Brewery ( and if you are ever in the neighbourhood it is defenitely a must ! We went to visit the brewery on Australia day , had a taste and I could not resist buying a t shirt saying "Rabbit on!" lol. It had been a long time since we had relaxed and gone out for drives and it felt really good to be out and about again :)

I did manage to get some dyeing done as well this week and with some very exciting new blends and fibres. Very Exciting ! The first one is a blend with South American sheep fibre. It is very much like Blue faced leicester in its softness crimp and the taking of dye. It is about a 25micron but blended with the bunny it is surprisingly soft to handle. Wonderful to spin and felt :)
South American Bunny Wool Tops 100grams/$20
Griffin Equivalency
Lizard Spock Expansion -sold-
Friendship Algorythm
Isotope (only 87grams left availanle for AU$14)
Polar Expedition
Classified Materials -sold-
The other New Blend is a 50% cashmere, 10% Angora and 40% 18micron merino ! Yes a bunny cashmere blend that will knock your socks off so to speak :) It is out of this world soft with a 10 on the cuddle scale ! I only have very very limited stock available. Make sure you get a chance to feel this fibre ! it is so worth playing with :)
Cashmerino Bunny Tops 50g/AU$19
Pinata Polarisation -sold-
Schrodingers bunny -sold-
Conundrum -sold-
Killer Robot -sold-
NanoCluster -sold-
I have 156grams of undyed cashmerino bunny tops left. If anybody is interested : it is for sale as well for the special price of AU$42 for the lot :)
Another blend that I dyed this week is my
Organic Angorino 17micron merino with angora bunny (95/5)
150 grams / AU$22
Luminous Fish -sold-
Middle Earth Paradigm -2 left-
Fuzzy Boots -sold-
Great Divide -sold-
Grasshopper experiment -1 left-
Peanut Reaction -1 left-
Bat Jar Conjecture -sold-
For the knitters and weavers and embroiderers among you I have also dyed some great
Lace Silk Yarn ! 100g / AU$35. lace weight, 1250meters per 100grams.
Moss experiment
Dusk Alternative
Raspberry Theorem
Black Hole
Plum Factor

Have a wonderful week and remember: if you have any questions, want me to custom dye something for you or spin a yarn or simply want to give these new fibre babies a good home : email me on or message me on
For Next week : A gorgeous angora/silk hand spun yarn in various stunning colours, cashmerino lace weight yarn with free lace shawl pattern and much much MUCH more :) Although according to the Heisenberg's uncertainty principle: It states that, the more precisely the energy of an object is known, lesser is certain about calculation of its position in time. OR: Skye can always sabotage me, unwind and weave the angora silk yarn through the whole house...and i will spend all next week trying to unravel other

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