Friday, January 22, 2010

Just flossing and other Vampire stuff

I was just flossing!?

It's been one of those weeks again...... Monday starts and there are lots of good intentions, a new start of the week and all these things that you want to do and then somehow along the way you lose all track of things because your brain decides it is much more fun to do a mind numbing computer game that has you hooked til 4 in the morning. (No, it is in your best interest not to know what game...okay is Jewel

If your brain is not doing the damage, it's the animals around you, who have this other sense of reality that involves labelling your stuff with their name on it, basically by ripping it to pieces or using it as dental floss. Skye, our fun seeking bunny, must be a huge fan of Twilight or other Vampire movies (Why didn't I call her Buffy?) ..... By the way, is it me? or are there a zillion vampire movies/tv shows happening all at once? Why? Is it the side effect of last year Wall street crash? The wish to live forever (okay, in the dark and on a very limited diet of various blood types? Not even chocolate or peanut butter? ) or is it some other reason? Anyway, I digress.....where was I?..Oh yeah, dental floss...As a bunny she loves burrowing and hiding out in dark little corners. She sleeps mostly during the day and comes out to play at dusk and dawn....okay, she did not draw blood yet, but!....What really got me this week, after last weeks feather and lace yarn fiasco, is her high standard of dental care. How do I know this? Well, basically because Missy Skye is using one of my yarn cones as high end dental floss! I have given up cleaning up..instead I think if I leave that one cone that she is so in love with, the other cones are safe. Up to now that theory works.
A cone of dental floss ....
Skye: "I think I might have missed a spot...".
I have had a great time getting the fibre club parcels ready to go and in each parcel I put a little gift of fibre as well: A new thing I am working on. Well actually two: baby bunny bling batts and Angel bunny Fibres. More on that next week because I do not want to spoil the surprise of the fibre club members.

The sock club is out of the door as well and this one is a super special one: hand dyed 4 ply spun gorgeous sock wool with some yummy extra.
As for the sock club pattern and info on the yarn that was send out with lots of close up pics and more check out soon.

The whole living room was filled with fibre, yarn and parcels. Finally at 4 this morning I finished everything so that Paul could send them all off this morning, so hopefully you will be receiving the fibre and yarn surprises very very soon :)

The Funky Bunny batts are going to be ready for the funky bunny batt club members on Monday! It is looking very squishy and velvety :)

I did do some spinning and dyeing and although I have not finished the angora silk blend yarn yet (that is for next week promise) I finished the camelbunny laceweight and dyed it with the most gorgeous cochineal and indigo I have ever worked with :) I also used it for the fibre I have on offer for you this week, combined with walnut! So yummy!

Hand dyed Old Norwegian tops (AU$18/100g)

Old Norwegian sheep fibre is not a super soft fibre (appr, 28micron)'s from a rare sheep breed that is said to be one of the oldest sheep breeds in the world. It is very easy to spin, it gets softer after spinning and whacking the yarn, it takes the dye beautifully and is fabulous for socks, mittens, hats and more. It is very strong and long wearing as well !

Breaking dawn -only 2 left-

Werewolf with a dash of Vampire please? -sold-

Twilight -only 2 left-

Blade -only 2left-

Buffy -sold-

Eclipse -only 3 left-

From Dusk til Dawn

Hand spun & Hand dyed Baby Camelbunny with Cashmere
(WPI +/- 20, +/- 370-390m, 4ply, available 160 grams per colour. AU$19/50grams) Super soft and fine so has a lot of yardage ! Very Yummy :)

Vlad -sold-

New Moon

Thank you so much for looking at my blog and your support.

Please let me know if you have any questions or requests: I am always happy to enable!

((hugs)) Charly


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