Friday, April 2, 2010

Eggciting, Eggcelent and more Easter Eggs

A week has passd since my last confession...ahem...and everytime I am amazed at the speed of time, but I won't get into that E=MC2 is only when I look back at what I have been doing the last week that I think : "Ooooh THAT is why it has flown passed".
As usual I have crammed a huge amount of stuff in too little hours of the day, hours of the day I might add , that are shrinking here in the southern hemisphere as I type this ... it's dark now when I get up in the early morning and for once I can say that I am getting up earlier than the chickens...normally I do not need an alarmclock because I have our "Alarm chooks" that can get anybody out of bed in a 5 mile radius who does not wear earplugs. Well, it is either the darkness that keeps the chooks quiet or it is the impending busy Easter time when they all gather around and paint their eggs-----I wish....:)

As a kind of a science nerd I always wondered what could happen if you combine the easterbunny with a chicken and let me tell you: it is not a good look.......

On the Ixchel Fibre Farm we are surrounded by the quintessential Easter animals: lots of bunnies and chooks, but unfortunately neither of them are very good at delivering chocolate eggs...I guess I have to train them better.

As I told you earlier I have been busy again. Sometimes things get up ones nerves and this was one of those unnerving weeks. The steps that Paul had started working on TWO years ago and were left unfinished due to so much "other stuff" was poking me in the eye and I got up the courage:got the shovel, the wheelbarrow and other instruments of mass destruction and got busy. While I was digging away at the pile of dirt that Paul left on the spot where I wanted to put my herb garden, I made an archeological find: the blue tarp that had gone mysteriously missing two years ago had been hiding under the huge pile of dirt and little by little gave up its bluey plastic cover..."aaaah THAT 's where it was! ", Paul said with a smirk on his face. Which basically was a very brave thing to do, because at the time I did have a shovel in my hand and was not afraid to use it.. Anyway, the blue tarp has been recovered, the steps finally finished, and this Easter weekend I am going to put my "medieval"herb garden in place....promise!

I am a true believer in multitasking...unlike Paul or any male on this planet or hovering above it in a space station I am sure. So, with the digging I thought I needed a bit of distraction and started painting the still salmon coloured hallway in a gorgeous shade of sage with gold accents on the trimmings. It is amazing what you can get done when you are totally fed up with something.....! That said: THe other way to get a huge amount done is when you are totally "into something" like spinning-dyeing or weaving. I just lose track of time when I do things I love: that's why I seem to get such a huge amount of tops and yarns and funky bunny batts done: mesmerised by colour and fibre I call it...:) So, to make a long story short: if you want to get things done you have to hate it or love it ?! Strange how the mind works.......

We are on the verge of Easter so I am offering you some very yummy easter eggy batty yarny and fibery stuff to feast your eyes on. I am especially happy with some of my eggy inspired batts. I am not a fan of yellow but I must say when combined with silks and soy and camel and bunny it sure makes my mouth water, so here's to Easter, eggs, bunnies and Fibre !

Have a wonderfully Happy Easter !!!

((hugs)) Charly

Hand dyed Baby Shetland 4ply YArn
(+/- 320meters/100grams, AU$20/90-100gram skeins)

Amazingly soft and a new Ixchel Dye method with luscious colours in very very short repeats that will make magical patterns :)


This side of The Blue
Seamless dreams

Hand dyed Baby Navajo Churro Bunny Tops
(90% baby navajo Churro, 10%Angora Bunny) 100grams/AU$20
Help save the Navajo Churro breed and spin this rare sheep breed that I blended with angora bunny to make it soft to the touch but strong to wear ! Great for socks !

Foggy Fields

Verdant veils

Vapid Vines


Mossy Mist

Blue Bears

Rocky Road

Whining Willows
Walnut Whales

Hand dyed Funky Bunny Batts
(AU$32/100gram luxurious batty goodness)

For more information and more photos nd close ups ofthe Easter batts please visit my photostram at
ingredients: 18m merino hand, angora bunny, yak, baby camel, silk, soy silk, bamboo, lue faced leicester, glitz, angelina and surprises like feather and shredded US currency (no. it's not paper : US Currency is made of linen! and washable....) and did I tell you? Lots of BLING ! ;-)

Eggnog 114grams/AU$35
Eggciting 110grams/AU$34

Purple Passion 93grams /AU$29 -sold-

Garden of Eden 98grams/AU$30

Cuckoo,Cuckoo 114grams/AU$35 -sold-

Lawlessness 115grams/AU$35

Sweet Angel 111grams/AU$35

My furnace Heart 109grams/AU$34 -sold-

Cassiopeia 93grams/$29
Eggcelent 116grams/AU$35 -sold-


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ROund here I don't need alarm chooks [ although I did have alarm guinea fowl ]because I have alarm goats.
The goat paddock quite literally runs up to my bedroom window and they can be VERY insistent about breakfast.
I haven't set an alarm clock in 5 years!