Friday, July 9, 2010

a little bit of heaven

I fell asleep last evening..and it was not late, it was very very early! I didn't even make dinner! and Paul did not wake me up...probably the early early mornings and the late late nights filled with preparing for Bendigo and watching the world cup soccer games and the Tour de France is catching up with me more than I this is going to be a short I did dream about blue purple baby bunnies and some deep burgundy baby

I have some new stuff ready that is going to go with me to Bendigo show next weekend and to the Mapleton Camp (QLD) the weekend after. My studio is slowly filling up with packed bags and fluff and more fluff :)

part of the Bendi stash all packed in the studio

I also had some badges made that are really so coooool !!! They will be available at Bendigo and camp but if you can't come to either let me know and I can send you these fun badges :)

Rabbit on! badges

Rabbit on! scream badge

I want to leave you with some wonderful photos I took from my studio. I always leave wild birdseed out for the plethora of wild birds visiting us: from tiny finches to sulphur crested cocokatoos to King Parrots and now the newest addition: the little corella !! This pair has been coming to munch on the seed just recently and are becoming less and less nervous about the environment here. Normally they are very flighty but now I caught this pair lovingly cuddling kissing and cleaning each cuuuuute ! BARE EYED COCKATOOS (Little Corella) at 17 inches are one of the most intelligent of the species. The bluish skin patch around their eyes detracts from their appearance. But they more than make up for it with their comical personality. They are also one of the best talkers in the cockatoo family.

u lookin at me?



I will be leaving for the bendigo Show on wednesday with all the fibres yarns fluff batts and more packed in every little corner of the car: kind of like fibre airbags....
It will be an amazing show! hey I even will be there with my "bunny outfit"on so believe me you will not be able to miss
Then immediately after Bendigo I will be driving up to Queensland for the Mapleton Camp for spinning and chatting and enabling with more fibre yarns and fluff ...and no I will not be wearing my bunny outfit while driving to Queensland -I heard that bunnies are illegal
I will try and blog in july and keep you posted about the things happening but it will depend on access to wifi and net and things like that. I will be back start of August ! In the meantime please follow me on twitter, facebook, Ravelry and watch this space too! Hopefully I will have some time up my sleeves to finally get the shop website finalised, so keep your eyes peeled :)

Talking about bunnies: All the bunnies are doing fine! Popcorn has totally recovered and looking very spiffy and Gilderoy is going great guns too. So happy !!

Well, see you all at Bendigo, Mapleton or here on line!!! RABBIT ON !


waterfall said...

blue purple bunnies sound about right to me! Love the bird photos as well! We will miss you here on the blog, but know you will be having a blast watching all the people drool and cuddle your bunny products!
thank you for the update on your bunnies!

Sasha said...

I found you via a friend ( who bought some of your goodies at the Bendigo Show! And by the looks of this post you took a fair few goodies with you!

What a gorgeous pair of cockys there - they have such personality! ANd love the rabbit on badges, very cute!