Friday, August 6, 2010

And the winners are...........!

It’s almost 2 weeks since I have been home ! How time flies ! There has been lots of bunny clipping, cleaning, paperwork (yuck) and spinning and dyeing again. It has also been raining almost non stop here which makes it a very dangerous exercise to feed the animal slipping down the slopes and ofcourse getting wet and cold. We have had about 100 mm of rain in the last couple of days! I call that excessive, so if anybody needs some extra water, please let me know ;-) Paul and I have been thinking about engineering a waterwheel to produce electricity from all this water that makes us feel like we are in the midst of the Niagara waterfalls. Even the chooks are

Anyway, life is back to “normal” …with hospital visits, cancer check ups, dentist appointments (all yuck..but necessary) and getting the flu that apperently is raging here there and everywhere. So now I am inundating myself with vitamins and long sleeps (yes I know! so not like me!,,lol) However, there was definitely something that still had to be done : picking the winners of the Bendigo Lottery ! Everybody who spent $50 or more received a ticket at the Bendigo Show in the Flowershed where I had my stall this year, with a lucky bunny number to fill out to get a chance to win fibre prizes ! And today is the day!!!!!! Are you ready????????drrrrrrrumm rrrrroooolllllllllllllllll.............................................!

the prizewinners have been picked this morning with the help of Gilderoy our gold angora boy who loves "reading" meaning nibbling paper :) I put the tickets in a huge tub and the tickets he had a nibble on were the winning tickets ! I thought that was the best way to ensure Here are the lucky winners !!!

Winner of the Ixchel bunny Fibre and Yarn Prize Pack worth over $120 !!! is (drum roll !):
Number 45 …….Peter Jobson from WA , Dillwynia on Ravelry !!!!!!

Winner of a three month membership of the Ixchelbunny Fibre club is……(drumroll):
Number 5….Vanessa Arnold from NSW, Loommonkey on Ravelry) !!!!!

Winner of a three month membership of the Ixchelbunny Funky Bunny Batt club is……(drumroll):
Number 2….Viv Ryan from VIC, Spinaddict on Ravelry) !!!!!

Winner of a three month membership of the Ixchelbunny Sock it to me yarn club is……(drumroll):
Number 70….Kylie Bradshaw from VIC, Kyliem123 on Ravelry) !!!!!

And here are some other lucky bunny winners of Ixchel fibre/yarn surprise parcels coming their way !
Number 3…Sheridan Femia (Xeres)
Number 72..Leonie Tewierik(DrBones)
Number 110..Donna Williams (knitsandknots)
Number 54..Debbie Jeffrey (Debjane)
Number 28…Mel McCabe (twolittlefish)
Number 63…Jo Pybus (phezzit)
Number 99…Helen Lovitt-Raison (furrywithruffles)
Number 24 Barbara Crosley (Bellarine Queen)
number 9 Michelle Aspros (shellymoo)

Congratulations to all winners !!!!!! All your parcels will be posted next week and the winners of the memberships will receive their first club fibres/yarn this month !

I have been busy prepping the most popular blend ever !!!! this week: Twinkle Bunny ! It is a blend of oranic 18micron merino (70%), tencel (20%) and angors Bunny (10%). It is an amazing spin and felts beautifully as well : this is by far my favourite blend ever: it is super soft and has the most amazing shine and lustre ! Here are the Twinkle Bunnies of this week :

Hand dyed Twinkle Bunny 100g/AU$24

Tardis -sold-

Pandorica -sold-
(dyed with Indonesian and American Indigo and Australian eucalypt and walnut)

Vincent -sold-

Hungry Earth

Time of Angels -sold-

Dreamland -sold-

Vampire of Venice

Also on offer this week is the fibre from our freshly clipped angora bunnies. The fibre bags contain the softest fibre from our super soft coloured angora bunnies and comes with a little photo and the name of the bunny who gladly donated his/her hair for you : )
Paul clipping Mickey

Personalised angora bunny fibre 25grams AU$8

Max, our smoke grey super silky soft girl (daughter of Jasmine and Gypsy)

Pippi, a dark smoke grey girl (younger sister of Max and daughter of Jasmine and Gypsy)

Gandalf, a silver grey fox boy (son of Jasmine and Gypsy, brother of Max and Pippi)

Kabuki, a sweet soft chocolate girl (daughter of Topping and Chewbacca) -sold-

Gorby, a light silver grey funny boy (son of Jasmine and Chewbacca)

Mickey, a silver super sweet cute boy with one lop ear (son of Jasmine and Gypsy) -sold-

Just email me on or message me on ravelry where I am Ixchelbunny and I will get back to you asap!

I leave you with another photo of Gilderoy our golden haired angora boy.

and some more on the road photos…

have a wonderful week !


Dates to Remember:

Bunny Spin in at the Ixchel Fibre Farm :
Saturday "Vote for............ Y.A.R.N Day !" 21st of August
Thursday the 26th of August


mel said...

Thanks, thanks, and thanks again! Don't forget our idea of the novelty spinning bow tie for next years tail!!!


ixchel bunny said...

the engineers are working on that very idea atm ! lol

Leonie said...

Oh looky I won! Thanks Charly, I will keep an eye on the letterbox, can't wait to see what the postie brings :-)