Friday, September 24, 2010

Under Bug Attack!

As soon as you feel your eyes glazing over, your hair starts to hurt and invisible electric centrepedes start crawling over your skull making your core temperature rise to 40C you know you are in trouble. Stubborn and equipped with an impeccable timing I did my blog last week, fell in a heap in bed, did the bunny spin in on Saturday, fell in a heap in bed onlyto find that Sunday was not getting any better at all: it was getting worse. It was not flu, my head only hurt when I coughed and launched me into a state of panic...

My eyesight dropped by 20points it seemed, I swayed and swaggered as if I were swabbing the deck of a Pirate ship and most of all I was embarrassingly slow. My brain seemed to talk a lot, I could hear myself thinking and talking at high speeds but as soon as I wanted to talk or write or type I was not even on dial up I was scratching the characters into a clay tablet. I was sick, very sick and I had to get help fast. So Paul drove me to Box Hill hospital where they surprisingly fast wheeled me into an emergency room , gave me a drip to get heaps of liquids into me again since I lost so much during doing battle with the electric skullcrawling centrepedes and the sweatpits of Hell. Test tests, more tests, no encephalitis..phew! tests more tests, temp came down then extra up again. It was unrelentless and attacking me all the time. I was coughing and wheezing and could not breathe. I felt I was slowly suffocating in Tar pits being attacked by electric skull crawling centrepedes that left my face tingly and were just the advent of more temperature hikes upwards! It was scary, but at least I was in the…oh well you know what I mean.
In the end they had no clue and I don’t think they have one now. I had to stay overnight for them to keep an eye on me and they fed me with anti biotics and drips but still the temp stayed around 40C ! and then down again after a good sweat I was soaked so many times I forgot to count. In the end they fed me “we think it is pneumonia but it is not really that clear on your x rays coz your x rays are very blurry….jeeez!....i am over it !

I have always done a lot of my own investigating so they can't feed me any bullshit but every time the bastards blatantly try to get away with near murder and not really caring about their numbered patients. I mean if I were a dr in a hospital I would not DARE to send an admitted patient away with 39.5C !!! ridiculous! But on Tuesday after a bunch of newbie doctors (remember it is a training hospital) discussed the case (obviously without a clue) discharged me and my 39.5 C temperature. I hated the food there anyway and the bitch in the next bed made me wanna wave a chainsaw in her face , because of the super loud tellie and the loud talk on two phones at the same time! , yelling to her "now multitask this , Bitch!" I mean, not good for my Karma.

Although I was almost picked up by a Sonny (from Cher) look alike who was obviously dealing with alcohol related dementia , dressed as if he stepped right out of Woodstock the movie and saying to me , just when I stepped out of the toilet with my tri pod after barfing and coughing my brains out : "wow! love your hair! you are a rainbow flower love child!!! know....i got an radio....with you like to listen to some " apart from the fact I actually thought, wow, who would have guessed that a tripod with saline solution, antibiotics ,wearing sweaty pj bottoms and a hospital gown and no make up actually would have given me a great way to pick up guys? lol.... it was sweet...bless him. I ofcourse answered "eh .... I really have to get some shut eye, but you go on and chill, Dude" to which he smiled and said "see you in the morning gorgeous!" as he walked off in the sunset..ofcourse never to be seen again...the typical bloke

Anyway, when I left they told me I had pneumonia or as I like to call it New Moania … condition worsened, my temperature went up and down like yoyo and was always way up near 40C. I could not take it anymore yesterday so off we went to a local GP who got some other results back and told me I had three infections amongs other things bronchitis as well ! Oh isn’t that wonderful!? Back home, back to bed.

It is going to take a while to get over these "bugs" ( and who knows at this stage how many if these alien bug colonies have set up camp in me) but thankfully the electric skull crawling centrepedes have disappeared and I have temperatures under 39C again which is such a relief!

This update is just an update , not a fibre update I’m afraid. I am happy I can do this much and get the clay tablet all written up , let alone do some dyeing and spinning and putting new stuff up here. My hubbie, Dr Paul, is keeping a close eye on me, so I am off to bed again. I will keep everybody updated on how things are going ofcourse here and on RAV and on facebook, but please be patient. Knowing me , I will be hopping back to it sooner than later, but this one is a really nasty mess at the moment.

Have a great grand final week and chat soon !
((hugs)) Charly


Textile Tragic said...

Oh! That's not what you needed at all. Sorry you've had such a rough time. Dunno whether to wish you a rapid recovery or the wisdom to rest up when you need to . . . how about both:)

Leonie said...

Take the time and get well Charly. Look after yourself and listen to Dr Paul even when you don't want to. It probably has scared the cr*p out of him seeing you so sick.

HelenLR said...

Charly don't even think about doing anything or I will have to send the Killer Rabbit over the 'deal' with you. Respect Dr Paul and do as you are told. Rest, rest and more rest (with chicken soup!) Much love, Helling

HelenLR said...

Charly don't even think about doing anything or I will have to send the Killer Rabbit over the 'deal' with you. Respect Dr Paul and do as you are told. Rest, rest and more rest (with chicken soup!) Much love, Helling

Chantz said...

Good on you Dr Paul, you may have to strap her to the bed if she is naughty and keeps getting up!!

I hopes you feel betterz soon, much fluffy Jazzy purring for you too.