Friday, February 25, 2011

What NOW when there’s no next?

Ancestors (pastel and acrylics)

There was a big fire burning and next to me were piles and piles of papers, photos and souvenirs of my past.

One by one I was throwing them into the fire, where flames were rising higher and higher.

There were tiny explosions within the fire every time a photo was thrown in and disappeared in the flames….and then….......................................I woke up.

Theodore Moqwaio “wolf” Thornbush, 1908,(2nd left)

my grand dad and other Menominee kids on the reservation in Wisconsin.

Ever since that dream I have not been able to get that feeling of history disappearing out of my mind and then just last night , Paul talked to me about someones will and it was all coming out. I have been contemplating hard about whether to write this blog or not with this huge almost morbid kind of message to it. I mean it is not light reading and it would probably better to stick to innocent small talk. But somehow I cannot seem to get the thought out of my mind and so, if you are not in the mood for this I will understand and you can just press “close”. However, she says with an evil laugh, it is something that all of us will think of or indeed have thought about in one way or another: What will happen with my memories and photos and souvenirs of my past when I am no longer here? Who will cherish them, respect them and share the stories with others so the ancestors live on?

Bear trap falls Wisconsin, 1900s

The difficulty of the image of ones mortality and the fact that you will not be here forever is hard enough and a lot of people shy away from even going to that place. It is even more daunting, at least that is my feeling, when you know that your ancestors stop with you. When you do not have any kids to give your inheritance of memories and stories to, no one to keep the ancestors alive. In my case, all of my mums side of the family with its huge history of not only European geneology but also a hugely important native American history attached will cease to exist. And still, I am not alone facing this. There are so many purple women (women who do not have children. Yes apparently we have a colour code now…oh well) and for them this mortality of history will be an important realisation and subject of long and hard thoughts and discussions way before people with kids will even contemplate going there. What to do when there is no next? I thought about this conundrum for a long time and without getting sentimental or morbidly depressed. Looking at it objectively to give you a perspective of the big picture so to speak: I mean everything has a time and I am sure the dinosaurs would not be too impressed with the fact that they no longer are roaming the earth, but fact is fact, we just do not live forever. And I am not only talking about one person or even families or even people as a whole. It all passes. So, what to do when there is no next?

My mum when she was around 10 ! all dressed up

What is most important in life is to make a difference, no matter how small or how big. Everybody, with or without kids, has to be able to live a full life with meaning and making heartfelt decisions to make a difference.

I don’t know yet what a difference I can make or am making. I just am, but maybe the fact that “just being” is enough to celebrate my ancestors and acknowledge them and honour them.

My grandfather Theodore, whom I have never met by the way because he died in the second world war, has immensely influenced me with his art that stayed behind, his drawings, his sculptures, his handcarved miniatures, his letters written to my mum when she was very very little and the few photos and memories that have been passed on to me.

Like I said that his line stops with me and I am sorry for that, but I will find a way to keep him alive and make a difference. Maybe even write a book? Who knows?

In the meantime I am determined to make a difference and live life in celebration of those that came before. Who wants to join the party?

Mum weaving

mushroom dyeing 1980s

Menominee demonstration 1970s in Wisconsin,

when my family was there, living with my grandmother Charlotte

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Pinashiu (eagle) -sold-

Pinashiu (eagle) close up

Inaqtek (raven) -1left-

Shaqshaqeu (Heron) -2left-

Shaqshaqeu (Heron) close up

Apaqsos (deer) -2left-

Hananam (dog) -2left-

Otatshia (crane) -sold-

Moqwaio (wolf)-sold-

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red clover tea

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Sandra La Knitalian said...

hau koda Hello Charly! what a great photographic album you have going :) We live not far from the Menominee Rez in Brown Deer, where your folks were~
Is that your Mum on the left, between two guys, carrying a sign?

Your blog is so completely where I am at, too. I think the best we can do, is to blog and blog and blog, and hope that someone out there gains something from all this.
I have 4 children, but we are worlds apart. That's why I started blogging, to preserve for them, bits and pieces of my memories. If at some point, we can figure out how to make a book of our blog entries, that may be our only record of our existence.

I have dreams, I don't talk about; they are too vivid and the world is not ready for what I have seen, but it will be what will be, and we are powerless to do anything about it.

I believe we should all live in the moment, live like there is no tomorrow and treat each day as precious as the day before and the day before that.

In the words of Crazy Horse, and others after him, "Today is a good day to die." While we don't know who actually spoke those words, their meaning rings true.

I will look forward to your photo albums, as you find time :)

Hugs to you, Charly and SHINE ON!

Marg B said...

Sandra - you CAN turn your blog into a book; here is just one service; I haven't used it myself but it may be what you want.

Charly - I've wanted for ages to reply to this heartfelt post but everything I wrote seemed so trite. I think it was Aristotle who said something along the lines that having children was the lowest form of immortality. In the cosmic scheme of things the entire existence of humanity is just a blink in the eye, so even if there was someone who could trace their ancestry back to Adam and Eve or the Great Apes, it's still nothing compared to the awesome length and breadth of the universe. You are definitely on the right track when you focus on what you can do with your time here and now. You have one husband, many animals and many friends whose lives would be far poorer but for you being you. SHINE ON.

ixchel bunny said...

Hau Koda Sandra!!! Thank you so much for your comment ! Your message put a huge smile on my face :) The woman in between the two guys wearing the signs is not my mum though, she was in charge of the camera :) Thankfully that is how I still have such great photos and memories.
It is wonderful to look back nostalgically every now and again and honour the ancestors and friends that have come into our lives and made living a blessing.

Dreaming is important and eventhough you do not want to share, I feel that the dream will only become part of you and reality when you want it! if you do something with it: I think that's why I paint and do my arts, as soon as the dream hits the paper or whatever medium you choose, it becomes less scary, more real and gives us power.

I will be happy to share more of my photos and memories very soon :-) Thank you so much for your heartfelt message
big hugs Charly