Friday, May 25, 2012

Wonderland Colour Magic

Everytime I am working on a fibre blend, but especially when I am painting or dyeing the fibres, a whole new world is opening up for me. Dyeing is chemistry : it is scientific and it has its rules, but at the same time, watching the pigments mix and mingle and work together with the fibres in their own way, with just your imagination to give it shape and form,   is in one word: “Magical”.

The one thing that always amazed me is how my brain is translating my imagination, my mood, my desires, everything really, into a visual combination of all different colours that magically appear in each of the cells of the fibre I am working on.
In all the years I have been painting and dyeing, I have come to know how absolutely futile it is, really,  to ask anybody what their favourite colours are. Favourite colours have a habit of changing. Not only because fashion colours are imprinted onto your brain every time the season changes, but most importantly because , well simply , because the seasons change, our outlook changes, things happen and we are like Alice in Wonderland looking at the world around us in a totally different light and colour.
For instance, I have never seen myself as a particularly sweet pink girl, not even the barbie pink, but you know that blush rose kind of  light pink. Still, all of a sudden this delicate colour, that I created using the pigment of a bolus mushroom, has become my absolute favourite these last few weeks, together with a very sweet duck egg blue…Now, what does this mean? I know that when I was quite sick, even without me knowing that I was at that time, my dyeing was dark, grey, muted, almost as if my senses knew before I ever scientifically acknowledged my physical “un-wellbeing”..So, I wonder what blush rose and duck egg blue translates to..So, I looked it up: “Pink is the color of happiness and is sometimes seen as lighthearted. For women who are often overworked and overburdened, an attraction to pink may speak of a desire for the more carefree days of childhood.” Hmm, that makes sense: I am happy, but
Pink is also said to encourage friendliness while discouraging aggression and ill-will, that’s why some prisons have painted their walls pink, although I have no idea what the inmates thought of that decorating feature , nor if they immediately had a positive change of behaviour….
Brands that have been identified with pink are Victorias Secret and Pepto Bismal…now what does that mean eh?
Bright pinks are said to increase heart rate and blood pressure and encourages action and confidence…but what does blush pinks do? Encourage dreaming and imagination?
On to the duck egg blue: Well, blue itself is said to calm, sedate, cool and help with intuition and is the colour of the Throat Chakra, speech and hearing. I would say that the grey gorgeous misty duck egg blue could be identified with softness, dreaming and your alice in wonderland fairytales. Hmm, are my colour choices telling me to dream ( so more? …
Well, there was not much time for sleeping this week: not with the dyeing and the blending of these new tops that I can offer you now, but also with all the clubs for this month (the fibre, yarn, mini skein and batt club!) being prepared and shipped. Yep, I have been a busy bunny again…
The New blend for this week is a gorgeous superfine organic merino 18micron! blended with 25% mulberry silk and 5% angora bunny. It is an amazingly soft fibre to spin or felt with and the colours are…well….dreamy and fun !

Enjoy looking and virtually cuddling these amazingly soft and shiny magical tops and snaffling some to hug in real life :-)

How To Order:You can email me on ixchel at rabbit dot com dot au or message me on facebook or ravelry where I am Ixchelbunny. I will email you right back with all your order details and payment methods. Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask! Always happy to enable.
Thank you so much for your help and support !

Angorino and Silk tops

organic merino 18micron 70%, Angora bunny 5% , Mulberry Silk 25%
100 grams AU$23
Hand dyed with passion , spins like a dream with softness, lustre and gorgeous new dreamy colourways!
Heart beat-1left-
Bang Bang-2 left-
Moment of Surrender-1 left-
Unknown Caller-2 left-
White as Snow-sold-

No line on the Horizon-2left-

Breathe-1 left-
Baby Baby-1left-
Fez -2 left-
Jungle Man-2left-
Another Dalek-2left-
Mermaids and Zombies-2left-
Dates to Remember:

Bunny Spin in at the Ixchel Fibre Farm (11am-4pm)
Every Third Saturday and every fourth Thursday of the month!
Saturday June 16th, 11am-4pm and
Thursday June 28th, 11am – 4pm
Bring a plate to share your wheel or spindle, knitting or crochet, yourself and a smile and have a fun day out amongst bunnies and friends ! Please contact me to secure a spot ! Bunny food like cabbage, bok choi or broccoli is always welcome as well ! : the bunnies will cuddle you more for it ;D

May 31st
IxCHeL Yarn and Bunny Show
the Hand knitters Group Warragul
Uniting Church Hall, Waragul.
A big fibre and yarn display and some bunny fun ! Please join us !

The Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show 2012
Friday 20th-Sunday 22nd of July

I will be in the Flower ( Power Bunny) shed again this year with heaps of new fluffy stuff and in full bunny regalia !!

This year it is even going to BIGGER and more HUGE than ever !!!
Join me in the fun !
The woolcraft schedule is published and the IxCHeL Fibre farm is sponsoring a catergory this year in the handspun yarn classes in Natural Animal Fibres class 23 and 24 !!! We feel it is very important to get the word out . Angora fibre and cashmere and mohair and alpaca and baby camel is amazing to spin, felt, weave, embellish and crochet with! Start planning and working on your entry for the show and get your art work out there for everybody tot admire and win prizes !! yeah ! What could be better eh?
Check out the website here for more details : and for questions relating to the woolcraft schedule and more contact Dot Vallence at Dotv5 at optusnet dot com dot au
Contact me on Ravelry where I am Ixchelbunny,
message me on facebook
or email me on or

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