Friday, July 3, 2015

Love Rules

At this moment in time, the one thing that is paramount to me and what I keep putting on the top of my list is: Love and Compassion. It is hard to forget the essence of Life when being bombarded by hatred, news, bloodshed and grief and loss.

However, when you look at the big picture and what really , really matters in life it is not the is not the pettiness of entitlement, it is not the fear nor hate nor is it the heart ache. At the end of the day, the things that make our lives worthwhile are the way we express ourselves with Love and Compassion and Joy. It is listening to great music and spinning that wonderful colourful yarn with our hands and creating life and creating Beauty. Not that other stuff. Forget about what the media and other people thrust upon us with a vengeance: the rating increase they think they will get when creating Drama. It is a Devil in disguise detracting us from what really matters. So at the end of the day, after all the drama …think about what ethically matters to you. I will give you MY answer: Love and Compassion. Think how you would like to be treated and treat others likeWISE (emphasis on wise…lol).
I am becoming a Fibre Zombie…laughing hysterically at things for no reason and working very very hard. The Bendigo show is the biggest show of the year. This year however has been huge!!! I ahev been doing my rare sheep breed belnds, my adventures in fibre, trying to support the farm and keeping all the things going. My work days consist of animal husbandry to product management to production to pr to selling and designing. I have not had a day off. My idea of a time off is having a bath. Welcome to my world….lol insert hysterical laugh…lol… I am grateful for my sense of humour ….lol
Also, Today a dear friend lost her girlfriend to a battle with the cancer demon. You are in my heart and mind today Frances O’Meara. May you rest in Peace and may all of you who are holding her in their hearts, find Peace and Love. Big hugs ! The Bunny cloud is in your friends honour  Raelene

I promised a list..a Bendigo Shopping list …well…here is what I have been working, no! : slaving over for the last 6 months:

Viking Blend : Dala Fur (Sweden), Faroe Island shep, Gra troender(Norway), Icelandic, angora,cashmere and glitz)

Super Hero Tops (Stainless steel , angora, merino, silk, cashmere and suri)

Lush Bunny tops (eco merino, cashmere, angora, tencel)

North Ronaldsay tops (seashape a rare sheep breed)

Gra Troendersay (a rare Norwegian sheep breed)

Navajo Churro tops (Navajo sheep breed rare)

Vicuna blend
(a super rare fibre blended with muga silk and cashmere. Thank you Karl, Choupette and Falcke for your support ;-) )

GaGa! Bunny tops (blue faced Leicest blend with angora and glitz)

Angel Bunny tops (Blue faced Leicester with cashmere, angora, tencel)

Tundra (Qiviut, cashmere, silk, tencel, eco merino and angora)

Bunny bison bliss (bison, angora, cashmere, merino, tenvel)

Wensleydale tops a great lustrous UK shep breed

Camelbunny silk and Cashmere tops

Magic Bunny organic merino, angora, cashmere and glitz) like spinning a rainbow! )

Flemish sheep and linen blend

Hungarian Racka tops natural gorgeous grey

 Nr5 Luxury tops (bison, bunny, yak, tencel, cashmere)

Alpine glitz (Swiss Valais Blacknose, eco merino, angora, cashmere, glitz)

Sea Sheep adventure (north ronalday seaweed sheep, bfl, glitz , cashmere)

funky bunny batts


Angorino hand dyed felt

Bunny mink handspun yarn

Sock yarn (Australian spun and hand dyed!)

Pure angora 3 ply Pure angora 8 ply handspun and hand dyed yarn

Camel yarn

Vampire deer yarn

Cashmerino lace weight hand dyed yarn

Minion sock yarn

Gradient and self striping sock yarn

Long colour repeat sock weight yarn and lace weight long colour repeat yarn Art yarn

Police Box spindles

Minion Spindles

Navajo Spindles by Lair of the Bearded Dragon

Mayan Spindles (LotBD)

Turkish Spindles by Scott Snyder (a fellow Wisconsan and  Guinea pig tested)

Bunny buttons

BADGES !!!!!!!!!!!

IxCHeL embroidered aprons

Bunny applique kits

Tencel tops

Stainless steel tops

Bunny tote bags

Grey merino silk tops

Soay sheep tops

Shetland dream tops (a truly magnificent blemd of Shetland and silk and lots more !

Ouessant sheep tops from France

Castlemilk Moorit sheep tops

 Cashmere Fling tops

Dye pigments

And more !!!!!!!!!

The studio is slowly but surely filling up with tubs and bags filled with fibery treasures for the biggest show in Australia : the Bendigo Sheep and wool show starting on the 17th of July.

There is still a lot more to do ! and I am not even talking about the clubs that need to be sent out in July when I am hopping around in Queensland straight after the Bendigo show. It is, yes, totally mental ! lol..

And now for something completely different: the Tour de France is almost starting ! July 4th !! And that means only one thing well, wait …oh .it means fun ! and Tour the Fleece !!!
Check my Ravely group ( see linkie :    ) there is heaps of spinning and sharing and at the end of it all a Mountain of prizes to be won !!! now, I ask you, why wouldn’t you want to join the team IxCheL Bunny ?!!!! C’mon still time to sign in to join the IxCHeL bunny Tour de Fleece team and do some serious stash diving to get your Tour fibre together.

 I have been asked all kinds of questions in regards to who , what or when or with what and what is allowed in this Tour e Fleece…so to make it all easier for everybody I will repeat the "rules" here :

 1. Anybody is more than welcome to join as long as they adhere to the following IxCHeL Rav group rules: there will be no bullying, disagreeing, talking behind backs (pm to any group members to back stab or do negative things to others), no backstabbing, no snobbery ! It has come to my attention that this has been happening in heaps of other groups and if we allow that kind of terrible behaviour , it will mean that a great forum will die. No way ! I will not let that happen in my group, so that means that:

2. Yes you can spin with anything you want! Yeah !!  It does not have to be a phang or spindle my husband Paul aka Lair of the Bearded Dragon makes. I do not care what type of spindle , nor should anybody else! We  love ALL spindles in our group and ALL wheels. They are beautiful works of art. No bullying by anybody will be tolerated ! If you are a fan of a certain maker and do not like seeing what others love to spin on…please join another group…If I even get a whiff of a disagree button being pushed on any photo there will be grave repercussions. The IxCHeL group is a tolerant happy fun safe place to do your craft, how and with what makes you happy !!

3. I would prefer you spin up your IxCHeL fibres , I am sure you can get your hands on some if you don’t have any. However small our farm is, I sell to anybody and I am very accessible : just pm me : I am always happy to enable ! Even if it is just a bit of bunny fibre you can add to your Tour de Fleece project that comes from our farm, that would be nice !

4. Yes, there is a mountain challenge: meaning that around july 23rd when the athletic boys in lycra are sweating away to get to the top of the mountain and maybe back down again , we are very sympathetic and do our bit. This year I thought it would be nice to make a “mountain yarn”. Now you can interpret that anyway you like: spin a slubby yarn!, spin a yarn in the colours of a mountain, make a mountain art yarn ! Anything goes! Yes, you can spin little rocks in your yarn if you like !

5. Post photos of your inspirational Tour de Fleece journey ! posts with photos will go in the running at the end of the Tour to win a huge amount of prizes.

6. Join the IxCHeL Tour de Fleece  team and have fun!


Eco Merino, Angora, Suri silk , BLING! 100+grams/ 3.56 oz AU$24
Super soft to spin and wear.




Purple Dream-sold-





Dates to put in your Calendar !!


Friday July 17th- Sunday 19th, 9am-5pm

Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show

THE event of the year !!!! Not to be missed!!

I will be there in the Flower (Power Bunny) Shed again with heaps of new goodies, hand dyed and hand spun, IxCHeL new blends and rare sheep breed adventures and much much more !


Because this year is the year of the Sheep I will have a lot of rare sheep breeds from all over the world and something very very special : Qiviut and ....a truly magical Vicuna blend ! 

 Do not miss out to cuddle something special and , like last year you can win wonderful prizes again when you visit my stall dressed as a bunny ;-) and when you spend more than $100 you can enter to win a super Prize pack !!!

You do not want to miss it !


Friday, July 31 to Sunday, August 2
Mapleton Craft Retreat (Queensland)
and please sign up because this is going to be an amazing retreat filled with fibery super fun ! Lots of workshops and fun stuff planned !!!! 

Saturday , September 26th

Play day at Pascoe Vale

More about this exciting event later !

Sunday , September 27th   (9:30-3pm)

Sheep and Woolcraft Field Day , Cranbourne Public HAll (near KFC)

A perfect fibre and craft day hosted by the Black n Coloured Sheep association of Australia and an absolute MUST!

How To Order:

1. You can email me on ixchel at rabbit dot com dot au or ixchelbunny at yahoo dot com dot au
2. message me on facebook or ravelry where I am Ixchelbunny.

I will email you right back with all your order details and payment methods.

Any questions? Any custom orders for yarn or dyeing fibre? Please don’t hesitate to ask! Always happy to enable.

Thank you so much for your help and support !





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