Friday, July 25, 2008

Finally Blogging!

Okay, I finally did it-I am blogging ! i am now in the 21st century ! lol

Bendigo Show News!

For all of you fibre fanatics, Ravelry members and knitting and spinning fans I am posting some photos of our stall at the Bendigo Sheep and wool show this year. It was a Fabulous experience as always and if you are ever able to get there when the show is on please do! it is full of fibre-holics and fluffy animals to pat and look at! Not to mention the awesome number of likeminded fibre nuts ! This year it was the first year that the Ravelry community flooded the show on the Friday and Saturday and it was great to talk to so many of you..I wish that the show would be on for longer because there are just not enough hours in those three days !

At the Bendigo show: Ixchel Handspun angora Yarn and fibre to spin and felt with

At tyhe Bendigo show: Ixchel hand dyed angora/merino braids: great for spinning and felting!

At The Bendigo show: Ixchel handspun and dyed bamboo, cashmere/merino and funky merino yarns

Ixchel handspun and hand dyed Peace silk yarn and fibre

Our entry in the fashion parade with our very fluffy Angora Ruana that you can wear in lots of different ways

Another one of our entries at the Bendigo show: our handwoven Maya wrap that you can wear in about 12 different fun ways. This one was handspun alpaca, angora and cashmere with some funky gold yarn to add some bling!

I am still recuperating from the Bendigo Sheep and wool show last weekend , but I couldn't help myself and just had to spin some angora bunny and make a funky Snowbunny bonnet..

The Angora Bunny Bonnet is made from handspun, hand dyed yarn from our English Angora Bunny Jasmine(a red eyed white) & Frodo (smoke grey)Just letting you know by the way, that we give the bunnies a haircut every three months and groom them every two days. and since we are an all pesticide free and organic fibre farm all our animals are happy hopping and jumping around! I will post some more info soon.

Yes, finally our website is on the way: is coming soon ! keep checking this blog for more info!

Anyway, This blogging is really addictive.... I have so much to tell .......aaargh , but: I will be at the Arts Centre market every Sunday from now on as well and you are very welcome to cuddle some skeins, braids, fluffy bunny hats and more....even

Better get spinning again for the next project! Have fun and remember: Colour your spirit with fluffy yarn!

Charly McCafferty aka Ixchel Bunny


Anonymous said...

Yay for Ixchel Bunnies! Sooooo glad that you're blogging Charly, everyone is going to be hopping to your door to sample your fibrey delights!
p.s bring on the website Wooohoooo!!

Salami said...

Good on you Charly, to be sure, I will be reading this every now and then. And make sure you keep putting pictures up of your gorgeous little bunnies and of the awesome things you make with them.
Love Emma.

Maggie said...

Great idea to have a blog, Charly. Keep writing and we'll keep reading. Your photo on the blog is great - who took it? Paul? The bunnies look cute too. :-)
Love Marg

Gillian said...

Hi Charly,
Great to see you 'blogging'- Something I have done with the girls, but not brave enough for the whole big wide web,so I'll be bookmarking you!
I agree with the comment re your photo on the blog - congrats to Paul if he was responsible
Catch you Sunday,
Love Gill

Rosie said...

I love your little bunny, Jasmine. Cute ball of fluff, with cute ears and face too.

Anonymous said...

Go Charly! Yay Charly! Go Charly.

I know how persuasive that Mandie can be once she gets on your case. I keep looking at my Pippi skeins working out what they want to become!

Welcome to Blogland. Once you start it's hard to stop!

Deb said...

Hi Charly,

A big Welcome to the world of blogging ~ it is addictive and connects so many of us in remote locations.

It was wonderful to meet you at Bendigo. I have been using my spindle and having lots of fibre fun.

Miss Meg will be so excited to see the bunnies blogging and i am sure will include it on her blog.

Can't wait to see the website.

PS: Did you get my email?

Flash said...

The blog (whatever a blog is)looks good guy's