Thursday, February 26, 2009

Knit Long and Prosper

Yes, I admit it: I love Star go where no man has gone before...I even had the Spock hairdo :) believe it or not....and I love Space. Not that I have ever been fact, where ever I go I create a massive amount of chaos with fibre so there is no Space left, so unless there is an imminent threat of a Black hole emerging just above my studio and sucking all my stash, fleeces and yarns out, I don't think I will ever have Space...unless....I go where no Fibre holic has gone before....and I don't have enough "balls" to do that So if you want to "Knit long and prosper" you can adopt these new Tribbles to your stash: stalk me anytime ! (email me or PM me at Ravelry) :)
Hand spun and Hand dyed Organic Angora Yarn (50g=50m/yards)25g/1oz=AU$14
Blue Mountains angora yarn (sold)

Mountain dusk angora yarn

Lilac Angora yarn

Pure white angora yarn

Sunny Bunny Angora Yarn
Handspun and Hand Dyed Mulberry Peace Silk 8 ply (150m/yard=50g) 50g/2oz/AU$15
Whitsundays peace silk

Natural Peace Silk
Ocean Reef Pool Peace silk

Moss Forest Peace silk

Dusk Peace silk

Dusky Teal Peace silk

Berry Peace silk

Australian Bush Peace silk (sold)
Hand Dyed Angorino Tops 150-160g/6oz= AU$19 hand dyed
VULCAN (1left)
Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore..(2 Totos left...)

Trouble with Tribbles (sold)

The Enterprise (sold)

Scotty & McCoy*1left

The Romulan Empire (sold)

Kirk in Space (Kirk has left )
Klingon Empire (all the Klingons flew away)
Cashmerino Laceweight yarn (550m/yards=50g/2oz) AU$18
Steel Cashmerino

Kangaroo Paw (sold)
For more available colours in the cashmerino yarn please have a look at the ixchelbunny cashmerino yarn on

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Why does the chicken cross the road....?

It is a famous question and the answer we have been given, throughout the ages ...... is WRONG!
Probably millions of dollars have been spent in research until.....we were shown the real reason by our chook Caramel, who has her bed in my studio after we nurtured her back to health after her being attacked by an eagle.. is terrified of other chooks for some reason and thinks she is a dog....
This discovery I will share with you today will change the world as we know it! Darwin, step aside ! Caramel is coming!
Caramel woke up this morning and was a chook with a mission! She leapt outside, went to the front drive a hurry started...crossing the road !
Once across she hopped on the bank separating the road from the Yarra forest....
and went straight for this eucalypt tree that seemed very appealing to her.....
quickly spied left and right if there was anything else going on ...and....
wiggled herself into a soft comfy spot to........LAY AN EGG !!!!
So next time you get asked the question "Why does the chicken cross the road" say with confidence: "TO LAY AN EGG !"

Friday, February 20, 2009

Magical Moods in Fibre

Scorched country (my impression of the devastating bushfire in paint)
acrylics, goldleaf and eucalypt leaves on canvas (80cmx100cm)

Threats have eased in the last week so I have been breathing easier (inhaling smoke no less....cough cough) but we are still cought between (what everybody would say) "a rock and a hard place": the Bunyip fire to the south of us is still fiercely burning and has now destroyed 25000 ha ! and to the north-east of us there is the Yarra fire and to the north west of us there is the Kilmore Murrundindi fire. We are learning all these new words like: contained fires, controlled fires, awareness messages, alert messages and their subliminal you either have to be a linguist or a lawyer to understand the intricacies fully...I will give you another one: "leave early": someone asked what "early" means in this bushfire season in one of the meetings we had. The answer: " When there is a fire in your area"...Well, let's get everybody in Victoria out then and evacuate to Fiji....I need a nice holiday close to water....:))

On a more happy note: yep you guessed it: I dyed some more angorino tops and silks...hmmm yummy. The theme for this week was discussed on our Ixchelbunny group on and I gladly announce it to be "Magic" mainly a combo of Princess Bride (the fabulously magical movie you just have to see !) and ofcourse "Lord of the Rings" (which will get a theme of its own someday I am sure, since it's my all time favourite magical book/movie)...but let's see what I came up with......all these babies are up for adoption again so stalk me anytime !

Hand dyed angorino tops (5%angora, 95% 19 micron merino)
150-160g/5.6 oz AU$19

Merry & Pippin (sold)

Gandalf the Blue

the Wood Elves (only 1 left)

Inigo Montoya ........"Prepare to dye.....:)" (sold)

Princes Buttercup (sold)

" As you wish........"

Wizard of Oz (sold)

Hand dyed Mulberry Peace Silk tops
(50grams/appr 2oz: AU$23)

Arwen (sold)

Dread Pirate Roberts (sold)

Saruman (sold)

TreeBeard (sold)

Pure white Mulberry Peace silk tops (25g/appr 1oz: AU$9)

Magical Pure White English Angora Organic Tops from our own "Snow White" angora bunny
75grams/appr 2.8oz AU$24
Something I forgot to add on the last update but making up for it now: let's face it "Snow White" still is part of the magic theme....:))

Friday, February 13, 2009

Bushfires, Love and Fairytales

the sky filled with a huge smoke cloud and embers falling all around us..

A blood red moon was high in the sky on Saturday night feb 7....

The last week has been like a dream...surreal and extremely ...smoky! Ever since last Thursday when the Bunyip fires were there and then disaster struck so close to home on Saturday with sooo many heartbreaking losses. Some friends have lost everything, houses , animals and others were so so fortunate and came out of it alive and well. The embers that hit us on Saturday did not really damage that much so we were extremely lucky. The Bunyip state forest is still burning and now has destroyed some 27000 ha !!! and lightning strikes have ignited another couple of fires near us and they have destroyed some 200ha. When you look at the map where we are you can see that we are right in the middle of this "birthday cake" with a lot of burning candles around us...fighting embers, being on alert...I tell ya..not much finally I got so fed up with it and..started dyeing some angorinos and yarn! (while Paul was patrolling the farm and keeping an eye on things :) )
Since this whole week was so surreal and still is, I decided to go with the Brothers Grimm theme of fairytales: it can be magical, fierce, unrelentless and utterly beautiful....... Isn't that just like Australia?

So they are...please stalk me when you want to adopt these babies, because they need a nice fibre loving home!

Hand dyed angorino tops
(5%angora, 95% 18micron merino) 150-160grams/5.6oz, AU$19

Cinderella Bunny (sold)

Fisherman and his bunny(sold)

Golden Goose bunny (sold)

Mother Holle Bunny (sold)

The Riddle Bunny (sold)

The three spinning bunnies (sold)

Hansel and Gretel (and their bunny...) sold

Kiss da frog-prince-bunny (sold)

Little red riding hood bunny (sold)

Rumpelstiltskin bunny (sold)

Sleeping beauty bunny (sold)

Hand dyed Super angorino tops
(5%angora, 95% 16micron merino) 100grams/3.52oz, AU$20

Bunny musicians of Bremen (sold)

Devil with the three golden bunnies (sold)

Kiss da frog-prince-bunny (sold)

Hand dyed and hand spun organic English angora yarn
plied with Australian organic cashmere
(AU$14/25grams, +/- 1oz)

the Enchanted Forest (140grams available)

Tom Thumb bunny (233grams / 8.21oz available)

Thumbelina bunny (sold)

HAPPY VALENTINE !!!!!!!!!!!!