Friday, August 28, 2009

The computer chaos theory explained

Last week I had encounters with an unwilling computer and well, it has not changed that much. It is rebelling, maybe because I am using it too much nowadays and do not give it any extended holiday time anymore like back in the days I was not Ravelry-ing, Twittering, blogging or working on the on-line shop! Maybe computers need some RnR? Who knows, we might get a computer union demanding a 38 hour work week...But enough of that, I would not want to put ideas in their intricate grey

As you know I have been saying that the online shop will be coming soon. And I have been saying "soon" for the last two years now, so I will totally understand that you will not believe me when I say that I am actually adding products to it as we "speak" and tweaking the last little clogs that will blast it into a whirled wide webshop filled with all kinds of and more! Patience, patience, give me another week? (fingers crossed) and PRESTO! "thou can shoppeth til you droppeth 24/7!" I have also added some information pages on bunnies and more, a pattern section (if all works out, and lots and lots of fibre and yarns and batts..yumyum!

There are so many birds around (hmm maybe because I am feeding the wildlife an abundance of birdseed and grapes and stuff? I was able to take some "noice" close ups. See more on

The bunnies are doing absolutely fabulous and the babies are growing by the second! I swear Babe is about as big as his stepmum! Out of the 9 kits, only two are girls! oh boy, oh boy..but they are all soo immensely cute!

We will have some of the kits available for adoption soon so all of you eager to adopt an english angora just let me know and for those of you on the waiting list: I will email you with all the details :) Here are some photos of the little ones.

Play is so important that is why we have a cat tunnel and little balls to play with in a big run where they can run around and investigate and more!

I have the babies and their Mum Topping in a run in the studio so they can socialise , hear noises like the vacuum cleaner and music..and be around our bunnydog Jazz. Socialising and play at an early stage in their lives are the most important thing (apart from a good feed to make the bunny a nice sweet happy bunny :) and you know what I say: a happy bunny makes happy fibre :)

So although because of the power outage for 2 days! this week I am offering you some yarn and some luscious fibres. Have a browse, drool and remember: email me with what you would like to cuddle in person and I will email you all the details and hop to the postoffice pronto :)
Have fun !

Hand dyed Blue Faced Leicester Bunny yarn 4ply yarn
(excellent sockweight yarn) +/- 300-340meters per 100grams

Rembrandt *2LEFT*Cassat *SOLD*Gauguin *SOLD*Monet *SOLD*

Hand dyed Baby Camelbunny Tops

Degas Pisarro Caillebotte Picasso Manet Renoir Sisley van Gogh

Friday, August 14, 2009

Logical Ranting and Library Bunnies

I am trying to calm down!!!....apart from wanting to personally throw my computer off a 120 story building (luckily there are not any of those around here..). It always amazes me why people think that machines are logical. Okay, I know the saying: GIGO (garbage in , garbage out!) but sometimes -for no apparent reason , something that is not garbage can magically transform something in the ultimate sesspool when combined with other programs. what happened to me this morning when trying to do my update. Somehow, somewhere deep in the dungeons of my computer grey matter there was something blocked and however hard I tried, however many commands I gave the damn thing to act logically, it did not listen and remained beeping and saying to me: "I do not care, I will do this my way and although you allow this...I still won't do what you ask me to..just because I can! there !' I then started acting like a three year old not getting their new toy and Jazz ran up to me in a frenzy because, I have to tell you this, I normally do not act like a three year old and scream at inanimate objects. No, I lie...... Jazz knows I have a love-hate relationship with my printer as soon as the thing beeps, she leaps off her couch and starts ooh'ing to me "mummy,mummy, it's okay, do not get upset...look! play with me! not listen to the with me.." looking at me with puppy dog eyes raised up and immediately all aggressiveness in me melts away......... If Hitler would have had Jazz, the world would not have had WW2......(this will probably be misquoted somewhere, but my bet is he did not like jazz either..the music that is..) . The point is, the computers and printers of this world do not know this...yet...., but Jazz our dog, is their saviour! Without Jazz they would have been de-comissioned and fed to the possums...Anyway, enough of this intro rant. I did not even in the slightest way wanted to tell you all this, but I had to get it off my chest.... there! quote Monty Python....for something completely different.....
It was a very exciting week ....again. Apart from the usual dyeing and spinning and carding experiments, I did haircuts : Popcorn (our gold buck with enormous quantity of gorgeous fluff!), Topping (our chocolate Bunny Mum of the year AFTER her wonderful performance on Wednesday-more about that later), Gandalf (the sweetest gentlest bunny dad) and last but not least Gorby (our young silver grey buck, who is so sweet that when asked he gently pushes out his hind leg so I can clip it easier, all the while looking at the scenery and the King Parrots hopping around their food bowl nearby). Now you all will be wondering about the performance bit of Topping. Well, Topping and all of her babies had a huge day out at the Yarra Junction Library where they were the star attraction at a bunny talk I was asked to do on Wednesday August 12th.
They were all there hopping around happily and eating away in their little pen. I have to thank Maria Mithen of the Yarra Junction Library profusely for being such good "bunny protector" and protecting they needed I can tell you! There were lots of people there and a lot of kids ofcourse could not stay in their seats for too long at all: I call it the "bunny magnet effect". The little ones and their mum were safe and sound but got a bit panicky when too many little fingers tried to touch them through the wire of the big pen. Maria kept an eye on everything so the little paparazzi would leave the bunny stars in their pen: she did a wonderful job. I am sure she was exhausted after that and from now on will never ever consider a job in security
In the meantime I tried to do a monologue about our little fibre farm, bunny management, the wonder of angoras, their fibres and most of all how to take care of them. I prepared a slide show in the background with some cute photos so people would not fall asleep listening to my chaotic I think it was chaotic, at least it seemed that way to me. But then again I am not a wonderfully organised and eloquent speaker like Stephen Fry, although a friend told me that I did crack some jokes..I must have missed them... Anyway, it was great exhaustingly good fun and I got a yummy bottle of wine from the Yarra Junction Library for my effort: Thank you again so much! And for all of you brave enough to come to the bunny talk last Wednesday: thank you , thank you ! I especially loved to see some of you Ravelers (you know who you are eh Spinaddict and Meagan eh eh!lol) and my good friend Veronica, without whom I would possibly still have been at the library if she hadn't had helped me pack
I would like to mention one beautiful girl Jessie, who in my humble opinion is a very good bunny handler. She named (not all of them have names yet you see)one of the baby bunnies that she cuddled "SKYE" (I just added the "e" to make it look more Jessie, call me anytime to see how Skye is doing okay? I will try and take some photos of all the babies again soon, because , oh boy are they growing fast! Well, I will not keep you from the update any longer, email me, stalk me, pm me on RAV. You know the drill. Oh and before I forget: I have added myself to the countless twitterers now flying around in the ether ! You can follow my chaotic babblings (under a 140 characters) on where I am ...ixchelbunny. Seeing that I normally love to use lots of words I consider myself a writer of novels rather than ZEN poetry, twittering is harder than I thought ! But that is another story...Here is the update for this week!!!!!

Hand dyed Navajo Churro Tops (150grams AU$20 !! special Spring price !!)

Ya teh eh SOLD
Copper sun

Turtle Sky *SOLD*Mountain Storm *sold*

Fire Bird

Fire Dance *sold*

Hand spun and hand dyed Peace silk 8ply (+/- 250meters per 100grams, $50grams/AU$14)

Musk 1 LEFT

Mossy Forest

Luna Park





Hand dyed Mulberry peace silk Laceweight (+/- 1250meters/100grams)

Raspberry wine (111grams/AU$40)

Autumn (112grams/AU$40) *SOLD*

Autumn Leaves (112grams/AU$40) *SOLD*

Hand spun and Dyed Mulberry Peace silk Bling yarn (AU$32/50grams/AU$ - +/-60-70 meters per 50grams)

Sensuous *SOLD*Mystic *SOLD*Goldfields *SOLD*

Diamond sky *SOLD*

Thank you for looking ! Have a fabulous week! and remember: I am at the Arts Centre Market every Sunday from 10-4:30 (Southbank, stall nr 34). So if you want to cuddle some fibres and yarns in person, come and visit me.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Who wants "boring" anyway?

Remember when I said that I wanted August to be quiet and a bit boring after July being so absolutely FULL ON! and guess what? naah, not going to Sorry I was not able to post my normal Friday funky fibre update on ...Friday...but something popped up....

actually I woke Paul in the middle of the night to ask him to take me for a Maroondah Hospital Emergency....yep, who wouldn't want a bit of a fun drive in the middle of a very windy gailforce night eh? With heavy rain pouring down he managed to dodge one tree that didn't want to hold on to dear life and fell over in front of us...Paul got out and cleared the road, only to have the same thing happen about 5km further up! and all the while I was clinging to the car (I bet there are still fingernail marks on the dashboard...not because of the trees but just because I felt I had to squeeze something very hard in order to not feel the excrutiating pain in my tummy (I suspected an apendicitis you see)....Anyway, we arrived about an hour later (that is how long it takes for us to get to the nearest hospital, got triaged) and ..........waited.........and waited for 4 hours! I wonder why it is called EMERGENCY to tell you the truth.....but hey , that is another story. I spent the whole day at the hospital in the end to get tested and screened and poked at and ...waited....waited...and .....yes you guessed it......waited, only to have a doc finally come up to me saying that the tests were all ok (meaning no apendicitis apart from "something ovarian so go see a doctor"....) and me and my pain could go home....I slept for about 13hours and the good news is..I can stand up straightish and yes, I am going to see a specialist. I want to thank you all (you know who you are! but especially Mandie!!!!!) for all your help, good wishes and virtual hugs! They made me feel a lot better !!!

The baby bunnies are all doing extremely well. They are now living in new big living quarters with lots around them to look at and I hope they are all going to be ready to go for a little drive to the yarra Junction library on wednesday the 12th of August. No, I am not teaching them how to read young...but it's for my Bunny and fibre talk on Wednesday the 12th at 2pm. There are going to be bunnies, fibre and yarn and lots of photos and talking about bunnies, organic care of angoras, grooming and nutrition and ofcourse what to do with the fibre and how.
Well I guess you have all waited way too long for this update so here it goes!!! As usual just email me at to let me know what you would like to pat in person and I will give you all the info you need !
Oh and about the website ( the on line shop is really really close to completion! Which means that probably by the end of the month this blog will still be up and running for NEWS and BUNNY STUFF and all things happening at the Ixchel Fibre Farm BUT you will have the Power to stuff your shopping cart with the push of a button ! SO EASY! :)
have fun looking at this fibre update ! let the STALK begin !
Hand dyed super fine pure organic angora tops 50grams/AU$20
the empress *SOLD*
the chariot *SOLD*
the magician *SOLD*
the hermit
the lovers
the moon
the star
the sun
the tower
the wheel of fortune
Camelbunny yarn and tops hand dyed camelbunny tops (50g/AU$18)
more camelbunny and camelbunny/silk are expected to be available when the online shop opens its doors late August!!! Anybody interested in a particular colour or colour combo can let me know next week:I do custom orders!
the world *SOLD*
Hand dyed camelbuny and silk yarn (+/- 160meters/50grams)
Pentacles : 68 grams available, AU$36 *SOLD*
Funky bunny yarn
This is what you get when you spin a funky bunny or a waca paca batt and ply it with gold thread:
Angel : angora, silk, yak, llama, merino,alpaca, angelina, gold thread) SOLD
Hand spun and hand dyed Suri alpaca with Angora bunny plyed with cashmere (AU$19/50grams)
Cups (4 skeins available)
Hand dyed and hand spun Yak merino and Bunny (AU$18/50grams)

Strength SOLD


Tarot only 2 skeins left