Friday, July 31, 2009

Life is like a box of chocolates....

I spend a lot of time these days just watching and being around the baby bunnies of Topping and Mojo. Toppings babies are just so adorably cute and like a little box of TimTams when they are huddled snuggly together. The 5 surviving kits of Topping look absolutely fabulous with 4 dark chocolate TimTam colours and one very rare caramel coloured kit or I think it will be a so called LYNX (that's a colour not an animal in this case, although stranger things have Lynx is a colour that is light tan ticked with Lilac tipped hairs . Too soon to tell if it is a lynx or a copper agouti. Mojos babies are doing extremely well , growing very fast! and the REW (red eyed white) called Babe is the leader of the pack! After that is Dash, who loves to sit IN the foodbowl and munch away on the rabbit mix I put in the big cage (seeds, a little bit of pellets, lots of greens and cereals). It won't be long til they have to move into a bigger cage together with mum and have more room to hop and play :) Here are some photos of the little ones but if you want to see more just hop to my photostream on flickr :
kiss kiss
Loving greens
Topping in her powderroom relaxing ( with some of her babies munching away on the greens)
This week has been full on ofcourse with the terrible loss of Eowin , trying to cope with that and a humongous cold/flu I have been battling with.....bunny flu no I did get some dyeing done , just because I HAD TO!!! : that's what happens when you are addicted to fibre and playing with colours I guess. Anything can happen , but don;t take my dyepot and fibre away from So below you can see some very nice nice fluffy warm fibres and yarns to spin and knit or felt with! Stalk me, pm me on (where I am ixchelbunny) anytime to assure your fibre stash :) Have fun !
Hand dyed Blue Faced Leicester and Bunny Tops 100g/AU$20
Turquoise glow 1 left
Happy wombat SOLD
Purple sun 2 left
Firefly SOLD
Merlin SOLD
Brother John 1 left
Robin Hood SOLD
Marion SOLD
Sherwood Forest 1 left
Kingfisher smile SOLD
Hand dyed Blue Faced Leicester Bunny & Silk 100g / AU$20
Hyacinth Bunny SOLD
Ice Queen SOLD
Nip'n'Tuck Yarn
hand spun & hand dyed angorino (organic 17micron merino 95%, angora bunny 5%).
Huge slubs, thick and thin spun make this the absolute FUNKY yarn that only will take hours to make into a hat, scarf OR a nice cute halter top (remember the one i was wearing at the Bendigo Show? that only took half a day to knit and put together and only 250g!)
Merlot (available 158g/AU$39, 103g/AU$28, 106g/AU$28)
Sorbet splash (available 137g/AU$37) SOLD
Dolphin (available 109g/AU$29, 155g/AU$39) SOLD
Sunshine (available 107g/AU$28, 104g/AU$28)
Honey (160g/AU$39)
Seaweed (availble 108g/AU$28, 151g/AU$39)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We love you Eowin

I am so sorry to have to post this..........

Eowin passed away early Monday morning from a brain hemorrhage...(thrombosis in the brain, or a blot clot). There was absolutely no indication at all that there was something wrong on Sunday and she was sweet and loving as usual, loving the cuddles and hugs.
She was a gorgeous mum and a fabulous angora bunny and left us three of her beautiful babies: Popcorn, Flopsy and Wombat. She will be missed very very much.

I leave you with the most beautiful photo of her and her babies from December 2008.

we love you Eowin..

Friday, July 24, 2009

Dash & Babe: Baby bunny news and Rare Sheep!

Normally I keep from naming the baby bunnies til later but two of the baby bunnies of Mojo just lent themselves so easy to being named. Babe is the red eyed white “pink” baby bunny that looked like a little pink piggie when it was just born. I guess now you know why its name is “Babe”….lol. Dash is the ‘wee little black baby” that was so tiny and wrinkly when it was born remember? Well it sure has made up for it now because it is a fighter for food alright. Now that Topping sees that the babies are getting bigger and can fend for themselves a bit more (meaning walk around and harass mum for milk) she tends to tell them off when they want a feed and tell them; “hey, nibble on something else !”. so, inorder to be successful in getting to the milk distribution point one has to be fast and have stealth techniques. The black baby is very smart at that: it ‘pretends’ to nibble on a leafy green, and then…DASH! …super bunny in action: it runs up to mum, squishes under her fur straight to the milk and gets hold of a few drops before mum knows it! So I named it “Dash”…The rest of the babies are still a bit young (remember there is a week of difference between Toppings and Mojos babies!) but they all will show some fun behaviour at one point that will be their name. But rest assured: just like last time we will probably let you decide on a name for a special bunny baby and you will receive a very nice prize ! but more on that in August!
Rare Sheep hand dyed tops
Wensleydale sheep: lustre and long wool luxury!
The Wensleydale is a very large longwool sheep, described as "probably the heaviest of all UK breeds". It is a visually striking sheep with considerable presence! Wensleydale wool is the finest and most valuable lustre longwool in the world. Fleeces are of 20 - 30 cms staple length and 30 - 35 micron thickness, with yearling fleeces weighing from 6 to 9 kgs. Fleeces are entirely kemp free as a result of the unique characteristics of the wool-producing follicles. This special quality is genetically transmitted to cross-bred lambs, characterising the Wensleydale ram as perhaps the leading wool improver sire in the world. Wensleydale wool is used for its special effects and handle in hand knitting yarn, knitwear and cloth and sometimes in upholstery fabrics. Because of its similarity, it is regularly used to blend with mohair. It is heaven to spin, takes the dye beautifully and has an amazing lustre and handle. Definitely my favourite sheep !
Hand dyed Wensleydale tops (100g/AU$20)
Wuthering heights SOLD

Vilette SOLD

The Professor SOLD

The Moore SOLD

Rebecca 2 left

Heathcliffe 2 left

Ghost SOLD

Masham sheep: lustre, crimp and so nice to spin!
Another one of my favourites: yep you guessed right; I love “dreadlock sheep” …lol.. Masham sheep have been bred for over a centry on the hill farms in the Northern Counties of England. They are produced by crossing a Teeswater ram onto either a Dalesbred or Swaledale ewe, both hardy hill breeds. It is from these parent breeds that the Masham gains its hardiness, longevity, heavy milking qualities, strong moterhing instincts and high prolificacy. The Masham ewe is medium sized and hornless. Her fleece is long stapled, 8-10 inches on a yearling and 6 to 7 inches on a ewe, with a good degree of lustre.

Hand dyed masham tops (100g/AU$20)

Vanishing Cornwall

Rendez-vous SOLD

Hungry hill


Don’t look now

Breaking point

The Birds

Frenchmens Creek

Old Norwegian Sheep: the oldest sheep breed and great to spin !

The Old Norwegian Sheep or Villsau is a small primitive type of sheep which inhabited Norway and the rest of Scandinavia as well, including Iceland and Faeroes. Probably only the feral Soay Sheep of St. Kilda are more primitive. The sheep are small framed, with good legs and a fleece varying in colour from almost white to greyish, dark brown, badger-faced, muflon pattern and black. Adult males weigh on average 43 kg (95 lbs) and females 32 kg (70 lbs). The fleece is remarkably fine and in contrast to the mouflon, the inner fleece is highly developed. The outer coat has long fibers, up to 30 cm (11.8 in) around the neck on the males. Normally, the sheep shed their fleece naturally in early July. All the males of this breed are horned with approximately 10 % of the ewes also being horned. This breed of sheep has a unique pattern of flight (escaping an enemy), which makes it suitable for use in grazing areas with predators. It is fabulous to spin and softer than you think: after spinning just “whack” the yarn and use a conditioner and it will amaze you with its lustre and durability!

Hand dyed Old Norwegian tops (100g/AU$18)


Falcon flight SOLD

Jamaica Inn 2 left

House on the Strand 1 left

Hand dyed Kid mohair tops (100g/AU$23)

Loving Spirit

Hand dyed 4 ply Blue Faced Leicester/Bunny yarn; great for socks and much much more! (100g/345meters/AU$26)



Raspberry Splash




Deep Sea SOLD

Waca Paca Batts
I would have had more batts if only the power did not fail on me (again!) yesterday….so here are the two I have finished, but I will have more this Sunday at my Arts Centre Stall at Southbank!

The Secret (85grams/AU$28) alpaca, bunny, yak, silk, glitz and Angelina SOLD

The Green Dwarf (112grams/AU$36) alpaca, angora bunny, yak, silk, glitz and Angelina SOLD

The Game is ON!

Apart from the names I have given to the BFL bunny yarn there is something going on with the other names of the tops and even the batts. When you place your order give me information on what the names mean, their link or even who, what , where and when and earn yourself a 10% discount on your order! How good is that ?!!! When you want to order just email me on or pm on where I am known as ixchelbunny as well. Don't forget to mention the answer to this weeks quizzzzzz to get your 10% discount for THIS WEEKS blog offerings! Have fun!