Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Fibre & Bunny Fix

I cannot believe it is THAT time of the year again! The year has flown passed and now it is ready to pass the pumpkin, practical jokes and watch funny scary movies :) I like funny scary me weird, but I do...I do not like the slash and gore kind of stuff but somewhere inside there is defenitely a goth hiding waiting to come Yep I like FUN Gothic stuff :) you know the Tim Burton style wonderful magic of reality revisited...quirky! that's it.. quirky gothic...
I have not done that much so there is a very limited supply. Having to take it easy sucks, but it appears that something tapped in my energy supply pulled the heavy duty energetic plug out and I am in "green mode" or energy saving mode :) (more on all my "stuff"at the end of this blog.....
The baby bunnies are doing absolutely amazing and they have the most wonderful drooping earfluff now. Here are some photos:
Skye, is an amazingly extrovert naughty quirky bunny and gorgeous too !
Kabookie is just like her mum, very gentle and sweet and laid back.
She loves to cuddle up to her sisters and then gets a huge sneeze attack
because all the fluff gets up her
Anyway, I am babbling but that is the theme of this fibre update. so let's get drooling right now :)
Here they are:
Hand dyed Wensleydale Tops 100g/AU$20
Alice in Wonderland SOLD
Edward Scissorhands SOLD
Frankenweenie SOLD
Mars Attacks! SOLD
Sleepy hollow SOLD
Natural Wensleydale ! Super deal: 100g/AU$14
Hand dyed Bunny Shetland sockweight yarn
(4ply, 300-340m per 100g, super nice for socks but also for shawls !
hmmmmyum yum!) 90-100gram skeins for the amazing price of AU$23 !!!!
normally AU$26
Beetlejuice SOLD
Bluebeards haunted castle SOLD
Frankensteins bride ("c'mon Melbourne I thought u liked greys&
Werewolf of London SOLD
WereRabbit SOLD
Ixchelbunny news update
It has been rough again last week...I went to the hospital for a scan as you know and saw the oncologist last Tuesday...the diagnosis was confirmed (hey, why couldn't it all have been a mistake eh? like: "surprise! April Fools day!.we just wanted to check out your stress behaviour."..after which ofcourse I would have punched them in the yes ,,hospital and a big operation it is in two or three weeks time .
..and guess when I have to go to pre admission? yep FRIDAY THE FRICKIN 13th! Howz that !? anybody have a black cat that I can take along with me ?lol I am calmer about it now but I totally freaked out and collapsed when I heard which "bits" had to go(all and more and maybe radiotherapy after) is just utterly impossible to imagine and know what?
Doing all the reserach, reading other peoples stories, talking to so many survivors and friends of....makes one thing absolutely clear: too many women are suffering, too many women have been through what I am going through or worse, there are too many women that have suffered in silence,,,mostly...and I am angry! I am sad! I am at a loss but most of all I want to fight! There have been medical breakthroughs for so many things. There has been so much money going into research for...okay , I am going to say it ....although men will hold it against me ...hopefully not, etc, etc, etc... (I know it is a hard topic...ooops pardon the , but here are some figures to sink your teeth into and think about how women are affected by cancer qand all the rest of what is called "female problems" it ovarian, breast-, uterine or cervical cancer, polyps, fibroids, cysts....Every 10 minutes there are 12 women that undergo a hysterectomy! (in the USA, I could not find any statistics for Australia). ONE in three women over 60 have had a hysterectomy !
All I can say and ask of you is please , please have check ups ! It is better to have them more often than not at all..If it wasn' t for my stubborn behaviour and 'wanting to have a family, my "condition" would have easily have gone undetected for months, years maybe!
Thank you all for showing me so much compassion, understanding and support ! I would not be able to handle this enormous task ahead of me without you all !
Thank you so much for making a difference !!!
Love & Peace to you all :))

Friday, October 23, 2009

Somewhere between no Whoopee! and a wet blanket...

It has been a long time for me between blogs and markets and with a huge big reason....I wish I could tell you I won the lottery and was off scuba diving in some tropical paradise. This blog is going to be personal.. a lot..but since I have always been an advocate of the "straight to the point-no beating around the bush" handling of things, I am going to give it to you straight: (stop reading here if you don't wanna
seeee! I knew you would read
Anyway...while going through tests for fertility treatment after having so many miscarriages, I was diagnosed just last Monday with cancer.........there !......I said it.
It has been the toughest, hardest, most heart breaking thing I have ever had thrown in my face. It is HUGE. Not only the impact of never having children (which at this time seems to hurt me the most) but the whole magnitude of things: operations, not being able to work !(huge for me as a work a holic with her own business and so so much more, so many many "what about the animals, the day to day stuff, normality?...everything.....
For all of you out there who have sent me cards, and gifts (Kylie your chocolate came just at the right time!!!! :) a big hug sweetie!, and Juleen: I am wearing the gorgeous heart necklace to keep me grounded and to Steph: yes I will defenitely sink my teeth into the Provence books soon !) and sending me so so many hugs and healing thoughts: Thank you so so much! It makes me feel I am not alone in this nightmare.
I had a ct scan done yesterday to get to the bottom of the severity (they injected me with some "dyes" so I probably lit up in the dark last night, which would made life a lot easier should the power have failed Thank you so much Veronica for holding my hand and the chat while they were poking their needles in me ...and driving me back home ! Hope the kids love their yummy Dutch aniseed drink ! :))
Anyway, as you can see I am getting on with things, I am trying to keep positive and most importantly to have a fighting spirit and a good sense of humour attacking this situation head on. Before all the treatments start and the operation (probably next month) , I am doing my best to finish orders, and getting all the clubs ready. I also have prepared some yummy fibre and yarn for you to drool over and stalk :) and although I will be taking it a lot A LOT easier (otherwise Paul will tie me I will still be blogging and spinning and doing some mini dyeing sessions every now and again to keep my spirits up and yours! and trying to pay the bills that will keep coming in now more than ever I
Email me anytime or pm me on to place an order or to have a chat.
Thanks again for everything and Love and Peace to all!
Mulberry Silk yarn, hand spun & dyes, plyed with gold thread AU$32/50+grams, +/- 75-90meters
Dapper sold
Heebie Jeebies
Hotsie Totsies sold
Giggle Water
Australian Heritage Mohair hand spun and hand dyed
AU$35/140grams +/- 180meters
Baby Shetland Bunny tops Natural AU$18/100g
Baby Shetland Hand dyed Tops AU$20/100g
BearCat sold
Bee's Knees sold
Cat's Meow
Crush sold
Blue Faced Leicester Bunny Sock Yarn AU$26/95-105grams/+/- 345 meters
Juice Joint sold
Live Wire SOLD
Putting on the Ritz SOLD
Palooka SOLD
Spiffy SOLD
Tin Pan Alley sold

Friday, October 9, 2009

A bunny day at the Guild & lots of cuddly fibre

Last Saturday, Tribble, the golden haired angora bunny and me, ventured off to the city of Melbourne to do a talk about craft, fibre, bunnies and lots of other amazing cuddly stuff. It was a presentation that the Spinners and Weavers Guild of Victoria in Carlton asked me to do for their certificate spinning course students! and.... I did also bring with me : a carload full of fibre ..ofcourse :) Needless to say that Tribble (and me..ahem) were both nervous was the first time he was ever the centre of attention of so many women...!
Tribble giving bunny nose rub to M :) and wishing her a wonderful Wedding day this Saturday!

I must say that the worrying was totally unnessary because he absolutely enjoyed being fondled, cuddled and being called "adorable". I do not think he has come off his mountain certainly loved being in the limelight and as for me, well, I had a fabulous time talking for about three Paul would say: "I can talk under water"...There was a lot of interest in the "marketing your craft:taking it beyond the spin" talk , where I was trying to give everybody information about how to take it a step further than just adding to your stash but sharing your stash to the world. By giving examples on how things work legally and what to look out for, it was a down to earth presentation telling it "how it is"....I hve shown you some photos taken by the lovely Chiara Z on th eday (please check out her blog : she does an amazing job!) Thanks Chiara for sharing your wonderful photos!

The Sunday was spent at the Sunday Arts Centre market where a lot of people went crazy about the angora yarn and my maya wraps. I now have to weave three Maya wrap orders so I know what I will be doing this

I have not forgotten about your need to drool and cuddle and fondle some fibre and yarns so here it is: the promised update of smooshy hand dyed tops, yummy sock yarns AND last but not least: BLING for the soul in the shape of some funky bunny batts :)
Enjoy and same as always: just email me or pm me on if you want me to send some of these babies to you :) Have a fun week!

Funky Bunny & Waca Paca Batts

Waca Paca Batt : Cloud 9 .... SOLD
98grams/AU$28 alpaca yak llama silk angora bunny glitz angelina

Waca Paca Batt : Olympus 79grams/AU$25 SOLD
alpaca yak llama silk angora bunny glitz angelina

Funky Bunny Batt : Shrek - 116g/AU$35 SOLD
Angora bunny , superfine merino yak lots of silk bunny glitz angelina)

Hand dyed Blue Faced Leicester Bunny sockweight yarn (100grams /310-340meters/AU$26)

Another Rembrandt

Goldilocks -sold-

Luna Lovegood -sold-



hand dyed Camelbunny tops (50grams/AU$18)

I took some camelbunny and camelbunny silk tops with me to the Guild last Saturday and these are all that's left! Everybody goes crazy about these camelbunnies :) and rightfully so: they are the most luscious easy to spin fibres you will ever put your hand on :) Promise!

Winky sold

Peeves sold

Old Norwegian tops (100grams/AU$18)
The oldest sheepbreed in the world. Amazingly cute sheep, hardy and very very lofty to spin!



Hand dyed Masham tops (100grams/SPECIAL ! AU$18 rrpAU$20)
These tops are amazing to spin! Lustrous long strong wool, amazing for socks! and more :)

Gawp sold


Centaur sold

Buckbeak sold


Diagon Alley

Some other news.....

For all of you following me on Ravelry and here on my blog you may know that I have been "a bit under the weather" or not my usual "anything goes-self" the last couple of months. After umptieth tests and poking and running around here and there and everywhere , something has "come up" so to speak and I will have to go to hospital next wednesday for further poking and prodding and urgent removing of "stuff" . Without going into too much detail, since there might be children and other innocenti present, I will advise you all right here and now that there will be no fibre update or yarn update next week friday, but I will keep you all posted on how thingzzz are going......Promise! Also my sincere apologies to Jean Barnes, the reporter/producer of the Eastern Regional TV or Channel 31: I am so sorry that me and my bunnies won't be able to make it to the TV station tomorrow but I am sure that your viewers will appreciate not seeing me in this that note I think : "damn there goes my 15mins of Please check the eastern regional tv website out though :

Safe to say that when I cancel a TV appearance, I will not be going to the Arts Centre market this Sunday or the 18th of October either, but if you need anything just stalk me anytime by email or phone and I can always send it to you :)

For all the members of the Funky Bunny Batt club: I am preparing all the batts and the hand dyed tops and will send them off before my "holiday" at the hospital on wednesday :)

For the sock yarn members: as promised "the sock it to me club" parcels will be sent off to you all at the end of this month as normal and it is looking good! Thank you all for looking at my blog ! Have a wonderful week and have fun cuddling a skein or some fibre :)