Friday, June 28, 2019

Show me your teeth...

Vampire Deer
Another week has flown by !
AND..another week without any news about an operation date. I actually stopped trying to get upset by all of this, instead I keep doing what I do, just at a much lower speed. I am still recovering but still super tired. I guess I have to practice being patient (hahahaha) and take it one step at the time.

I am totally enjoying my time with my new IxCHeL Tweed yarns ! you can see lots of photos on my facebook and Instagram page but I totally loved this :
Star gazing

The Bendigo show is almost here ! No time to panic though ! In the next few weeks before the show I will show you what I will have as super special tops and blends AND I will also give you an overview , like a shopping list, for the Bendigo show next week on my blog  !

This week is the first of a super rare breed on offer here and at the Bendigo show : Vampire Deer. Next week will all be about Guanaco and …….Vicuna !!! yes 😉

In the meantime : Only 2 days to sign up for the IxCHel clubs!!!!!! More info later on this blog .

The fibre on offer today is from a very rare breed of deer from Korea…

I started to research and fight for all kinds of endangered species, especially the ones that have nice fluffy hair to spin, because you know you can never take the spinner out of me…

Since that time, years and years ago, I started researching the Rare breed adventures I have been offering you for about 7 years now and I look for any kind of way to help endangered species survive, in a sustainable kind way. One that can help species survive with love. Unlike any other way, spinners and weavers and farmers and scientists have a very unique and loving outlook on that. It may start small but through small things big things grow. Through our craft we can ensure that some breeds can stay and live and provide for their young and for us in a sustainable, loving and kind way.

So, through lots of hard work and searching and caring for special fluffy genes, I can now offer you this extremely special update tonight: it is not a sheep..nor is it cheap (read last week’s blog) but it is an amazing animal which has been named anything from a vampire deer to a musk deer to a water deer. It has been almost hunted to extinction by the perfume industry and now it is the time for us to make sure that this animal stays alive to be here and be of beauty and importance and bring life and diversity to our beautiful earth.

The water deer also known as vampire deer (Hydropotes inermis) is a small deer superficially more similar to a musk deer than a true deer. Native to China and Korea, there are two subspecies: the Chinese water deer (Hydropotes inermis inermis) and the Korean water deer (Hydropotes inermis argyropus) and there is the Himalayan and Siberian deer also known as the musk deer. Water deer are relatively small in size, ranging in length from 775-1,000 mm. They have a short tail, 60-75 mm length. The guardhair is generally thick and harsh. It is longest on the flanks and rump, with a maximium length of 40 mm is the winter under coat, which can be spun into the super soft yarn.

Both sexes lack antlers, but the upper canine teeth, especially in the males, are enlarged, forming fairly long, slightly curved tusks. These saber-like upper canines are the most conspicuous feature of the bucks. They protude up to about 52 mm from the upper jaw and constitute sharp, dangerous weapons. The canines of the female are much smaller, scarcely 5 mm on the inner side. A dark spot on the sides of the lower lip behind the upper canines makes the canines more conspicuous. A small scent gland is present on the face in front of the eyes on both sexes; this is the only known case of such glands in the Cervidae.
Despite its lack of antlers and certain other anatomical anomalies—including a pair of prominent tusks (downward-pointing canine teeth), it is classified as a cervid. Its unique anatomical characteristics have caused it to be classified in its own genus (Hydropotes) as well as its own subfamily (Hydropotinae). However, a study of mitochondrial cytochrome b sequences placed it near Capreolus within an Old World section of the subfamily Capreolinae. Its prominent tusks (elongated canines), similar to those of musk deer, have led to both being colloquially named vampire deer in English-speaking areas to which they have been imported.

There are Water deer or Vampire deer currently farmed (read protected) and in zoos. In Afghanistan a few have been spotted in 2014 for the first time after 60 years ! The hidropotes or Water Deer I offer you on tonight’s blog has been harvested just like the bison and qiviut and mink, through hand combing or collecting. No animal was killed or harmed in any way.

Water deer are indigenous to the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, coastal Jiangsu province (Yangcheng Coastal Wetlands), and islands of Zhejiang of east-central China, and in Korea, where the demilitarized zone has provided a protected habitat for a large number…..go figure !!! the Demilitarized zone !! but, They can also be found in Siberia and the Himalayas. They inhabit the land alongside rivers, where they are protected from sight by the tall reeds and rushes. They are also seen on mountains, swamps, grasslands, and even open cultivated fields. Water deer are proficient swimmers, and can swim several miles to reach remote river islands.
Water Deer are now located in France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Argentina, and even some in the United States. Chinese water deer were first introduced into Great Britain in the 1870s. The animals were kept in the London Zoo until 1896, when Herbrand Russell oversaw their transferral to Woburn Abbey, Bedfordshire.
More of the animals were imported and added to the herd over the next three decades. In 1929 and 1930, 32 deer were transferred from Woburn to Whipsnade, also in Bedfordshire, and released into the park very happily bouncing along !

The majority of the current population of Chinese water deer in Britain derives from escapees, with the remainder being descended from a number of deliberate releases. Most of these animals still reside close to Woburn Abbey.

It appears that the deer’s strong preference for a particular habitat – tall reed and grass areas in rich alluvial deltas - has restricted its potential to colonize further afield. The main area of distribution is from Woburn, east into Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and North Essex, and south towards Whipsnade. There have been small colonies reported in other areas. As a conservation issue, the UK population of Chinese Water Deer is considered to be of exceptionally high value to the survival of a healthy global population. There is no doubt that the protection of Water Deer will involve not just the population of deer in their native environment, but also the UK population, which probably now exceeds the population in China, Korea and the Himalayas.

The research that is carried out in the UK by the Water Deer Foundation and others will contribute to the protection of the species as a whole. It may seem that all this breed had going for it to be "valued" was the male musk gland, which is worth more than gold...and no,there is not. there is a sustainable way of keeping this bred alive: fibre. It may not be much you can harvest off one deer (only about 450grams per year) and that the hair/down is is extremely soft and nice. I am able to offer you only a very very small amount of handblended Vampire Deer top.
It is an endangered species and only a very small amount of fibre is harvested per year. In softness it rivals the amazingly expensive and rare Guanaco and Vicuna !

To all my fabulous readers: Please know that you will not only be able to own something exceedingly special and rare , but also, that you will be part of the preservation of a rare species. Let’s not ever have to say…”this was the last of their kind”….

IxCHeL Hand blended Vampire Deer Blend Tops

Vampire Deer, Merino, Yak, Muga Silk, Cashmere

+/- 50gram skein AU$32

I can dye it for you if you like at no extra cost or spin it for you for a fee: just ask !

There is only a very very VERY limited supply!!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any requests: always happy to enable. Also: The club sign ups for the next round starting in July are still open. So, if you would like to join, email or pm me and I will send you all the details. Also, there are a few of the tweed yarns still available and more colours! message me if you want to go on a tweed adventure ! Always happy to enable. All my contact details are to be found at the end of this week’s blog entry. Have fun !!!

IxCHeL Tweed fingering weight yarn

Super soft lambswool 70% and Kid Mohair 30%

Spun singles, fingering or sock weight yarn

+/- 200meters/218yards

50grams      1.76oz


(A beautiful sunshine yellow that goes so well with the kookaburra the silver grey)

Kata Tjuta
(an intense pure red that goes well with the Kookaburra and the Wattle and the Amethyst colourway and soooooomany others)

(a bright purple colourway with bright red flecks)

(a beautiful silver grey with ochre accents that complement the dingo colourway)

( A beautiful warm honey ochre with pops of royal bluebell, kingfisher and kangaroo paw)

(a gorgeous raspberry base with pops of royal bluebell, flowering gum, grey and daintree)

Flowering Gum
( a gorgeous medieval warm red with bright red, kookaburra and fern forest accents)

Fern Forest
( a deep forest green with accents of bright red, dusky purple and daintree) )

( a fabulous deep purple with accents of royal bluebell, daintree, grevillea and kingfisher )

( a fabulous deep walnut brown with accents of dingo and kookaburra)

Kangaroo Paw 
( a fabulous warm orange with accents of fern forest, royal bluebell and grevillea and dingo )

isn’t it gorgeous how the Kangaroo paw knits up?! )

Royal Bluebell 
( a deep blue with accents of flowering gum, kookaburra and fern forest )

( a warm light brown with accents of soft blue and kookaburra)

Daintree ( a soft green with accents of fern forest and dingo)

( a fabulous Turquoise blue with accents of fern forest, kangaroo paw, Jacaranda and Grevillea)

Pm me if you would like to give some of these amazing new IxCHeL Tweed yarns or the Buddhas tears tea a good home or if you want to sign up for the IxCHeL Clubs ! Enjoy looking and have a fun weekend !

Please don't hesitate to contact me at any time if you have any questions okay? Always happy to enable. All my contact details are to be found at the end of this week’s blog entry. 

IxCHeL Buddhas tears tea

carefully packed and presented in a special organza gift bag

50g/ AU$19

Two organically grown superior green tea leaves and a jasmine bud are plucked from the best quality tea bushes and mixed with delicately smelling jasmine blossoms, then sieved and hand rolled on bamboo trays, into small balls while the leaves are not quite dry. 

The leaf captures the fine jasmine aroma and releases it during brewing, giving a champagne coloured cup. 

 Brewing: 1-3 minutes 75-80degC , 

 4 pearls/cup, 

you can reinfuse 3-4 times so those 4 pearls last a looong time

Carefully handrolled tea

Enjoy the tea over and over again, by adding hot water again and again

IxCHeL Club Sign ups for the third trimester of 2019 are OPEN!!! 

 Here is the overview of all the clubs shipped out to all the members in 2018 and 2019. 

Teasers of the april club will be posted on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter soon !

 If you would like to join for the next round just PM me.

Here is a photo compilation of the 2018/2019 clubs to give you an idea what the "Art Journey" Theme has been all about : The interpretation of art into fibre.

IxCHeL Clubs 2019

March Yarn Club

March Fibre Club

March Batt Club

IxCHeL Fibre Club July, August and September 2019

The subscription is for a period of three months and you will receive one special hand dyed top/roving per month to the value of AU$25 or more. 
All the tops will be hand dyed and will be especially made for the members of IxCHeL Fibre Club ! Price to join the IxCHeL Fibre Club #40 and receive your special hand dyed top :)) for three months (July, August and September 2019) is AU$75 + postage (parcel post or airmail). AND there are good value double serves available !!! 

 For Australia : single serve $75+$29 postage (parcel post), double serve $142+$29 (save $8) or triple serves $214 (save $11!) + postage 

For USA + Canada: single serve AU$75+AU$57 (Airmail) double serve AU$142+AU$57; triple serve $214 (save $11) + postage

 For UK,Europe, rest of the world: Single serve AU$72+AU$69 (airmail) Double serve AU$136+AU$69; triple serve $214 (save $11) + postage

 For Asia: Single serve AU$72+AU$50 (airmail) Double serve AU$136+AU$50; triple serves $214 (save $11) + postage 

If you want to receive a fibre surprise every month then join the IXCHEL FIBRE CLUB #40 now. Numbers are strictly limited ! The July 2019 Club is going to be shipped out end of July, the August club mid August and the September club early to mid September. Payment via direct deposit or credit card or paypal. Just PM or email me your details. 

 The IxCHeL Yarn Clubs July, August and September 2019

 Every month for three months (July, August and September 2019) you will receive: enough hand dyed luscious yummy yarn to make a pair of socks or a lush shawl or scarf of course! (the hand dyed yarn will be exclusive for the Ixchelbunny SOCK-IT-TO-ME Yarn CLUB and will range from a sockweight yarn (a 4ply/fingering weight yarn) or an 8ply / DK weight enough to make a pair of socks ; Every month a sock or scarf pattern, tips and instructions ! Now is that GOOD or is that GOOD ??! 
 I will even offer a double serve for those of you who like their socks or scarves extra long ! 

For Australia : single serve $87+$29 postage (parcel post) double serve $150( save $24!!) +$29 postage For USA + Canada: single serve AU$87+AU$57 (Airmail) double serve $150 (Save $24!!) +AU$57 

For UK,Europe, rest of the world: Single serve AU$87+AU$69 (airmail) Double serve $150 (Save $24!!) +AU$69 

For Asia: Single serve AU$87+AU$50 (airmail) Double serve $150 (= Save $24!!!) +AU$50 

Numbers are strictly limited ! Payment via direct deposit or credit card or paypal . Just PM or email me your details By the way: you don’t HAVE to knit socks if you don’t want to.. the hand dyed yarn is amazingly nice for scarves, cowls, beanies and even tops ! Anything goes . The July 2019 Club is going to be shipped out end of July, the August club mid August and the September club Early to mid September.

IxCHeL Funky Bunny Batt Clubs July, August and September 2019

Here are all the details. Just pm me when you have any questions or want to be part of the funky bunny batt club Movement ;-) Welcome to the blingy dark side ;-D The subscription is for a period of three months and you will receive one special hand dyed funky bunny batt per month to the value of AU$40 or more . The batts will range in weight from 140grams to 170grams with luxury fibres like camel , angora, cashmere, silk, yak, llama even wallaby and bison and rare sheep breeds !!!! All the batts will be hand dyed and will be especially made for the members of IxCHeL funky bunny Club ! Every month you will receive a HUGE luxury funky bunny batt ! 

Sign up now and you will receive an IxCHeL Hand dyed , super luxurious funky bunny batt for July , August and September 2019

Price to join the IxCHeL Funky bunny for three months is : 

 For Australia : $114+$29 postage (parcel post) For USA + Canada: AU$114+AU$57 (Airmail) 

 For UK,Europe, rest of the world: AU$114+AU$69 (airmail) 

 For Asia: AU$114+AU$50 (airmail) 

 If you want to receive a fibre surprise every month then join the IXCHEL FUNKY BUNNY BATT CLUB now. Numbers are strictly limited ! 

The July 2019 Club is going to be shipped out end of July, the August club mid August and the September club Early to mid SeptemberJune. Payment via direct deposit or credit card or paypal. Just PM or email me 

 Have a fun week Creating your Dreams!

All my contact details are here:

Please don't hesitate to contact me at any time if you have any questions okay? Always happy to enable. All my contact details are to be found at the end of this week’s blog entry. 
Have a fun weekend !!!

How To Order:
1. You can email me on ixchel at rabbit dot com dot au or ixchelbunny at yahoo dot com dot au
2. Message me on facebook or 
3. Message me on  where I am ixchelbunny.
4. message me on Instagram where I am @ixchelbunny

I will email you right back with all your order details and payment methods.

Any questions? Any custom orders for yarn or dyeing fibre? : Please don’t hesitate to ask! Always happy to enable.

Dates to put in your Calendar

Friday July 19th to Sunday July 21st 

Australian Sheep and Wool Show, Bendigo

Go to to see what is happening and book your tickets. The Bendigo Sheep and Wool show is the biggest wool show in Australia ! with an amazing amount of woolcraft, indie dyers, a huge amount of tops, yarn, craft, felt and spindles, spinning wheels and anything you need for your knitting,crocheting and crafting.
I will be there with an amazing amount of new exclusive wool blends and yarns, batts, felt and landscape and botanical natural dyes and so much more !!!
I will also have spindles by the amazing Bearded Dragon and lots of fibre tools as well from darning mushrooms to noste pinne, Turkish spindles, Navajo and Mayan spindles, Turkish spindles and needle cases to distaffs, and something amazing  for spinners and knitters.

Get ready for a fabulous weekend filled with lots of craft and fun !!!