Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Charly update.. Thanks to all for your support

Hi All
Firstly I would like to give a BIG thank you to all for your warm thoughts and wishes for Charly, the cards of support and for those who sent gifts and flowers to brighten Charly's vision in an otherwise dreary time which so helps Charly and myself to make sense of this world, with what it has thrown at us this year! My words could never come close to conveying how much it all means for all too share as you do, Thanks to all.
Now to the reason I'm writing(it's Paul aka Fibre Hagrid aka Wolfbunny, more on that another time!) is to say Charly has survived the operation whether she will survive the Apprentice Physio is another story! By all accounts and I must point out that when I spoke with her she was talking about some amazing and bizarre things happening over my right shoulder! I can't even begin to tell you what she saw on the other side! And the words may of been misunderstood what with all the drugs she was given, but she did remember who I was! She was in good spirits, drowsy and despite all the pain she was going though she was still telling the nurse that she was ready to be discharged. My guess is next Monday but if she has her way!
Once Again thanks for all your love and support, it is important to Charly, and for that

Friday, November 20, 2009

In the naughty corner & taking it....easy-ER...

Some of the many get well gifts and signs of support friends have sent to me. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!
So sorry I have not been blogging lately and keeping you up to date about all the things happening. Safe to say life is tough at the moment but with the amazing help and support of Paul, his dad, my sis in law and my dear dear friends it makes it all easier to bear and to fight. I have to say that in times like these you get to know who is there for you and, well...who isn't. I imagine "coming out" like I did was maybe too confronting for some people and they did not seem to cope with the emotional side of it...I am truly sorry if I made anybody feel uncomfortable.
However, I feel that it did save my sanity and help open up doors to a new way of life dealing with cancer and being forced into childlessness...(I hope that is a word...). I am committed to make a change! not only in my life but also to help other women who are going through or have been going through ordeals like this. I will focus on healing myself first but will keep you posted on the start up of the Ixchel Women Support Organisation: dealing with cancer & infertility. I have many ideas, hopes and goals and wish to share and help others more than anything. If you would like to be a part of this please drop me a line. All help is welcomed and the more people are engaged in this effort, the more help and change will be possible.
Anyway, my op is going to be on Tuesday the 24th and although it is creeping up on me at lightning speed I can remain I have to say I had a very hard time after the pre-admission session last Friday where I was poked and prodded and tested etc....they were all very nice so that is not the alarming bit...the awful traumatising unnerving aspect of it was that the doc said I might be pregnant, which just totally destroyed me (hence the not blogging). You can imagine that this kind of information was devastating especially since the outcome would not have a happy ending. Meditation and QiGong has helped tremendously.
I will be in hospital for at least 7 to 10 days and Paul will be taking care of the animals and everything concerning yarn and fibre in the mean time. Please email him or send him a message via the ixchelbunny group. He will certainly appreciate your support ! I have been working on finishing orders and yeah! I have finished all the orders, all the clubs are ready to be sent in the first week of December by Paul who has agreed to become my "fibre Hagrid"
I will post an update of all the yarns and special fibres I have been prepping in the first and second week of december as well so you can drool pre-X-mas style :)
We have been doing some burning off pre-fire season (some fire photos to be posted on later:) ) and this photo was taken of Jazz and Doris watching the fire from a safe you can see Doris'safe distance was greater than Jazz'

Now you all must be wondering what the naughty corner was all about... well, Skye , who is still living in the studio with her mum Topping and her sibblings Elvis and Kabooki is an escape artist. She can jump the enclosure in the studio and hops to her favourite corner in the kitchen/office where she can flop nicely on the tiles in between the chair and the office paper bin...and what is really amazing...she can hop in as well ! she is so clever! oh and did I mention CUTE? lol

Again, thank you all for your support ! I could not do it without you ! Lots of love and see you again soon after my op ! Thanks for being part of my incredible journey :)

Lots of love and



Friday, November 6, 2009

Energy, sweet Bunnies and lots more

"We join spokes together in a wheel,
but it is the center hole
that makes the wagon move.
We shape clay into a pot
But it is the emptiness inside
That holds whatever we want.
We hammer wood for a house
But it is the inner space
That makes it livable."
—Tao Te Ching
I have been working hard..nooo not working hard like usual on dyeing, spinning and weaving and trying to keep up with orders-although I have been getting the funky bunny batt club batts done! yeah!!! and I am finishing weaving two Maya wraps I had orders for. No!... what I have really been working hard on is inner self, and about time too since the inner me was kind of falling to pieces trying to make sense of it all: the cancer, the trauma, the loss.
The one thing that made absolute sense was that the more desperate or angry I got, the less energy or power I felt. "Done and no more!", I said to myself. No more looking like a pug dog = puffy eyes with a complementary snotty nose although some people might think that is sooo cuuuuuute!
I started doing my Tibetan Buddhist meditations again (which I have neglected for so long) and after Veronica, my sweet compassionate friend, took me to see her QiGong master, I have been practicing some (very basic, mind you..) QiGong exercises.....I have calmed down. I bet if you take my bloodpressure now it has come down to almost normal levels instead of the 175 over 112 it was after the shock of discovering I had cancer and the loss of hope of ever having a baby. Still a long way to go but at least I feel like I am DOING something, thinking positive and getting energy.
While doing my QiGong exercises, I have noticed how beautiful our grapefruit tree is flowering and how gorgeous it smells! I wish you could smell these pictures :) Needless to say I am overdosing on grapefruit juice at the moment: yummy! More amazing photos of our trees and flowers on the Ixchel fibre farm on flickr :)
Grapefruit in the making

It would be a lie ofcourse to say I have done nothing know me by now...I have convinced Paul to help me paint the bedroom..which we finished Tuesday! The whole house when we bought it , you have to know this, is a shade of Salmon going off mixed with some beige and pink...not my idea of Oh "!what a gorgeous colourscheme let's paint the whole house like that!".
However, then you move in and the painting and re-doing the house your own way kind of falls to pieces because other stuff comes up that is more urgent. So we have been living in an off-salmon house now for two years. Since I will probably be seeing more of the bedroom than ever before I convinced Paul that now is the time to make that a room that you would love to be in! Well, why didn't we do it sooner!!!? Coz it looks absolutely warm, beautiful, spiritual and so,wel...cozy ! We painted the room in deep red called red Heart, Tiger eye orange and plum Fun purple). Here is a photo of how it looks now:

Bunny News
All the bunnies are doing great! Skye is such a naughty extrovert bunny she is making everybody smile! Every time you walk past her she stands on her hind legs , looking up at you with her cute eyes and seems to say:"C'mon! gimme a cuddle and hey a nice bit of silverbeet would be nice tooo! "
Skye "gimme a cuddle...C'mon!"

Topping, Skye and Elvis

I have taken some gorgeous close ups of some of our angora bunnies and there are more to be seen on


Ookie munching on his favourite piece of wood :)

Max was feeling a bit under the weather this week, Probably because she needs to have a haircut. Both Pippi and Max who share a bunny appartment together, have a tendency to totally stop eating and get very lethargic when it is almost hairclip time. The photo at the beginning of this blog is one of Pippi and Max snuggling up together :) I am planning to give them their much needed haircut tomorrow :)

Ixchel Yarns & Fibres
I was planning on doing some dyeing, but I painted the bedroom However, I know that there are a lot of you out there who would like to have natural coloured fibres and tops to play with as well, be it knitting or weaving or even dyeing themselves. So , I have made a list this week of natural yarns and fibres I have in stock for you and I can offer them to you at a fab price as well. Here they are:


Pure white Fine Angora Bunny Tops....AU$19/50grams

Pure white Norwegian tops.....AU$10/100grams

Pure white Mulberry Peace silk tops (fair trade) .......AU$9/25grams

Pure white Blue Faced Leicester Bunny and Seacell (seaweed!!)tops (very limited supply!) .......AU$19/100g

Natural Baby Camel tops.....AU$30/100g

Natural baby camelbunny and silk tops (limited supply!) ......AU$36/100g

Natural bunny shetland sockweight yarn (+/-300-340meters/100g)........AU$15/90-100g skeins

Bunny shetland yarn

Natural Blue faced leicester bunny sockweight yarn, amazing lustre and great to work with! (+/- 350meters/100g).....AU$20/100g

Luxurious Mulberry Peace silk lace weight tightly spun yarn (+/- 1300meters/100g)....AU$35/100g

Tightly spun Mulberry Peace Silk Lace Yarn

Please feel free to contact me via email ixchel@rabbit or message ixchelbunny on at any time to ensure you got your natural fibre fix :) or if you are after something else...

Tomorrow all the Funky Bunny Batts will be posted to all our funky bunny members! YEAH!!!! and it is looking very yummeeeeeee:))

Since I will be heading to pre admission at the hospital on Friday (yeah yeah I know, the 13th!!!!) there will be no update next friday, but keep an eye on this space because I will be keeping all of you informed of what is going on and I will have some hand dyed yummy fibres and yarns for you to drool over again soon!
I will be going to the Arts Centre market on Sunday for the last time this year. So if you want to say Hi! come and have a chat and cuddle some fibres and yarns :) Paul will be at the Sunday Arts Centre market for me in December so there is still a chance of a yarn cuddle on the second and third week of December !