Friday, August 27, 2010

Soggy, Slush, Mud and other Happy Watery Snowy Mountain creatures

Have you noticed that Global Warming coincides with huge amounts of water, snow, hail and other wet- and coldness? I remember vaguely when the weatherperson of old mentioned it was going to be “sunny with patches of light showers”, it is definitely WET with a capitol W with drabs of muddy slides down the mountain, combined with bouts of hail and snow with an occasional glimpse of a stray ray of sunshine trying to push its way through thick dark clouds. Time for comfort food, more firewood !, nice hot cups of whatever and …sitting on top of the fireplace holding warm wooden knitting needles and a big ball of comforting fluffy yarn on your lap, with or without the complementary purring cat or snoozing doggie. Oh did I mention it was frrreezing cold as well? Yep, Australia is not as warm as I thought it would be, but then again maybe the southpole has shifted and has landed straight underneath us..who knows?

I have been busy nevertheless with Bunny spin ins last Saturday and this Thursday and had a great time. Elvis and Skye were all fluffy on the staurdya ready to be cuddled by all the visitors and then were relieved to get a haircut. Pippi was the one on show yesterday, looking very silky soft and sweet :)



a naked Elvis

Apart from enjoying the company of other fibre fans and bunny lovers I did spin up about half of the 1.5kilo hand carded pure angora bunny fluff and some camelbunny silk, custom, dyes and custom spin jobs and this weeks update : some very lush angorino –organic 18micron merino with 5% angora bunny- and for the yarn lovers amongst us: some very nice laceweight silk !Here they are for you to drool and snaffle ! Have Fun!

hand dyed Angorino (organic 18micron merino +5% angora bunny) tops 100+grams/AU$17

Spring Fling

Clown Fish

Mellow Yellow

Pebble Puddle

Purple Plum

Hang on Sloopy

Rock climbing bumblebee

wide eyed legless

Wanna be Evil

Hand dyed Silk Laceweight yarn (+/-1250meters per 100g) 100g/AU$35

Good Intentions




On a Good Day

Safe from harm

baby Love

Darker Dusk



If you would really like to adopt some of the new fibre babies listed here today or need some custom dyes or batts done: Just email me on or message me on ravelry where I am Ixchelbunny and I will get back to you asap!

have a wonderful week !

Yarn cupcakes by pARTy Cakes in Canberra..YUMMMM!

oh and guess what?.........
it's still ...RAINING !

Dates to Remember:

Bunny Spin in at the Ixchel Fibre Farm…coming Saturday 18th of September and Thursday the 23rd of September

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Last and .....First ! of its Kind !

There was a buzz in the air and it had nothing to do with the flu or any other viruses screaming their way through this planets atmosphere : Paul and I went out on the Town ! Yeah! This is a very rare occurrence hence my enthusiasm. Especially knowing we were going to see the Tim Burton Exhibition at the ACMI in Melbourne !!! I have been wanting to see that for I don’t know how long !
Paul ofcourse was more excited about seeing the AFL footy game between St Kilda and North Melbourne at Etihad stadium. To each their own…lol.
The exhibit was absolutely amazing and not to be missed! It has arrived here in Melbourne from New York where it was a big success at MOMA. Go early or buy tickets on line : it is worth it! Otherwise be prepared to stand in line twice and look over the shoulders of other Burton fans at the exhibit. We got up early (very early ) and were there at 10am, the time the exhibit opened and at that time we “only”had to wait in line for 30 mins. As soon as you enter you see amazing art work done by the Melbourne company Big Fish who specialise in making awesome….HUGE ..Stuff :)

me! underneath the "Toxic Boy "
(kind of went well with my manic panic hairdo and the light up in the dark - green

the scary FUN entrance: an artwork in its own right

Inside there were the most inspiring sketches and cartoons to be seen, as well as a black light installation (a black light tunnel and yes, my hair and alice in wonderland tights lit up like a xmas

Blue girl with poison painting

Tim's series 1 to 10 sketches : adorably funny and clever!

Tim Burton: The Exhibition explores the art and imagination of one of Hollywood’s most unique filmmakers. An Australian exclusive, the landmark show brings together over 700 examples of concept designs, drawings, paintings, photographs, puppets, costumes and films. This extraordinary range of artworks charts Burton’s 28-year career from his earliest works to his most recent portrayal of Alice In Wonderland.

Alice's dress and the Mad Hatters costume in the back ground (note: Johnny Depp must be really…skinny?….lol)

Jack Skellington faces

from the short film “Vincent”

hmmm a new take on eyeball yarn but not wearable close to skin I think…..

Talking about wearable: you never guess what had a prominent spot in the exhibit: an ANGORA sweater !!!!!! and ofcourse the rabbit in the waistcoat and the pocketwatch from Alice in Wonderland….hmmm loved it!

A feast for the senses, Tim Burton: The Exhibition is the largest temporary exhibition to ever be staged at ACMI. Curated in three thematic sections; Surviving Burbank, Beautifying Burbank and Beyond Burbank; the exhibition includes several elements not previously seen at MoMA. I loved the exhibition so much I’ll most certainly be returning before it closes on the 10th of October.

We ventured into the regular free exhibit at ACMI as well and saw the Mad Max car, costumes from ned Kelly and th edress in the movie Elizabeth worn by Cate Blanchett (equally TINY!? , the autographed script of Shine and some costume props of Pirates of the Caribbean as well as some very fun interactive stuff ! It was a great morning ! and ofcourse St Kilda won the footy match that afternoon so Paul could not have been happier !

Suffice it to say that I was feeling much better because the viruses were probably scared off by some of Tims artwork (or the footy....) so I have been dyeing some new lush fibres and spinning some yarns as well.
Here they are for you to drool and snaffle ! Have Fun!

hand dyed Navajo Churro Bunny tops 100+grams/AU$20

Oogie Boogie-sold-

Elder Gutknecht

the world of 9 -sold-

umpalumpa –sold-

Jack Skellington

Oyster Boy

Sweeney Todd

Queen of Hearts

Hand dyed Blue Faced Leicester superwash and Cashmere Tops 100g/AU$24

Mad Hatter -1left-

Hand dyed Cashmerino Bunny Tops 50g /AU$19

Cactus Eyes

Tragic Toys

Club Fibres and Bendigo Prizes
All the Clubs (the fibre club, sock it to me yarn club and the funky bunny batt club) have left the building today and are being shipped to you as I type this ! Also all the Bendigo Prized are on their way to their lucky winners !

Bunny Spin In!
Tomorrow is the Ixchel Fibre Fram Bunny Spin in day as well as a “Vote for Fibre “ –day Have some FUN after casting your vote for Australias future political destiny..(ahem the choice is hard isn’t it? Ahem ahem…subliminally I dyed my hair red and and come and visit us and top the day off by VOTING for Yarn and cuddling a bunny ! We will be open from 11am til 5pm. Email me for directions on how to get to us.

Skye and Elvis will be happy to be cuddled and hugged (although Skye might want to be naughty and have a stroll around to see what you are up to in the studio :) )

My entry in the Tim Burton ACMI exhibit (see the ACMI flickr photostream:

and some other Burtonesque paintings of mine:…
Beware of Plant...

If you cannot make it and you would really like to adopt some of the new fibre babies listed here today or need some custom dyes or batts done: Just email me on or message me on ravelry where I am Ixchelbunny and I will get back to you asap!

have a wonderful week !


Dates to Remember:

Bunny Spin in at the Ixchel Fibre Farm…coming Saturday 21st of August and Thursday the 26th of August

Friday, August 13, 2010

Rainbows and Nostalgia

the Citron in progress...dyed shetland 4 ply-ish yarn on 4.5mm needles (up to the 3rd section)

The Flu bug hit me hard on Saturday and is still hanging around..It is a whopper of a bug I tell you. However, I did a lot of sleeping, relaxing and nothing. Well, not really “nothing”, listening to good music and knitting. Apart from the flu bug that invited itself in, I think I got the Citron knitting bug as well. If you don’t know what I am talking about: check out the citron knitting pattern on and heaps of post of the pattern on I am knitting it with a rainbow dyed 4 ply-ish Shetland wool yarn on needles 4.5mm and it is such an easy pattern ! I just want to get to the next repeat and most importantly the next colour ! Addictive is another word ..but I think the Citron kept me sane amidst the raging flu. That and watching all of season three of the Big Bang theory and the last Dr Who Series (yes the new Doctor is starting to grow on me , although my favourite Dr is still David Tennant ). Nostalgia also hit, watching the boat that rocked movie… and listening to the soundtrack: aaaaaw the 60' ! .... and then last night, there was a concert of Leonard Cohen playing for 600.000 on the isle of Wight in 1970! on tv . Awesome to watch the musicians, the crowd, the hairdos and the clothes! Btw, Paul was watching it with me and said “hey that is a pretty nice crochet wrap that girl singer is wearing” .........I think he finally got infected with that sixth Fibre

Although I hardly did any spinning (sorry all of you who are waiting for some custom hand spun but I will get to it this week! As well as making custom order batts…sorry for the wait Annie !!) I did spin some rainbow and pure white popcorn coil yarn:
hand dyed hand spun popcorn coil yarn with a bit of copper bling :)
100grams+ AU$29, Same yarn available in pure white with cashmere and pure black as well. There will be a Party Pete Popcorn yarn coming soon :)

Here are some of the hand dyed tops I dyed this week for you to drool over and snaffle :) Like I said on Ravelry in my group this week : something that rhymes with “need”and “milk”…I think you can figure out now what I was talking about :

Hand dyed Blue Faced Leicester Bunny Seaweed 100g/AU$21

Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem Band

Dr Bunsen Honeydew

Swedish Chef -sold-

Statler and Waldorf


Hand dyed Camel Bunny Silk 50grams of super luscious tops AU$19

Animal -sold-

Fozzie Bear -2left-

Kermit -sold-

Gonzo -sold-

Kermit and Miss Piggy -sold-

Zoot -3left-

Just email me on or message me on ravelry where I am Ixchelbunny and I will get back to you asap!

have a wonderful week !

inspiration for this weeks
(see,I told you..nostalgia hit me....defenitely a side effect of this particular strand of flu


Dates to Remember:

Bunny Spin in at the Ixchel Fibre Farm…coming Saturday 21st of August and Thursday the 26th of August