Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ixchelbunny is hopping around on Ravelry !

"WOW ! so much hopping so little time!"

There is a whole new world opening up for me and WOW is it mind blowing. Mandie EGMTK was not kidding: Ravelry is an amazing site and if I somehow get out of this IT-chaos I am in at the moment (please know that I am extremely geographically embarrassed and now I can add IT-embarrassed to that list as well...hey...but I am learning! FAST! ) I am happy to say that I now belong to one group already (EGMTK at Ravelry) and will say that that nr will defenitely grow to a double digit nr soon...if I can find my way around the HUGE Ravelry community! I would love to start the Ixchel Bunny group for all fluffy fibre and bunny fans out there, loving to know all about our bunnies and their antics, bunny spinning, bunny weaving and lots lots more. Don't have a clue how to start a group though or to search for friends yet, but ..gimme time...(advice is welcome

Angora Flower wrap

The picture above is a flower wrap that I have knitted , made from handspun angora yarn with a little gold bling. I can make the angora wrap knit kit for you in any colour that you like , just let me know and I will spin and dye it for you ! The pattern is very easy and shows flowers that diagonally shift using just 7 row repeats ! If you now how to knit, purl, yo and knit together it is EASY!

Every wrap needs the donation of at least two angora bunny haircurts, so if you had one bunny you would need to save up their hair for about half a year! The two bunnies that donated their coat were Cindy short for Cinderella (actually a buck , but I managed to sex him/her wrong at 5 weeks and the name doesn't mind that much....yet) and Mickey a smoke grey beautiful angora buck who is so sweet but has a natural tendency to get himself into trouble...:-)

Cinderella , the Angora Buck with attitude

(favourite song: Johnny Cash-"a boy named Sue")

Mickey at 3 weeks !a very nosey bunny and super sweet!


Flash said...

Cute fluffy bunnies guy's

Anonymous said...

Next on the list is to get a Rav Group started for sure - holler at your girl!!