Thursday, August 28, 2008

An Ixchelbunny group now on Ravelry!

"Hmmmm. I wonder what is happening?..let's have a read!"

No matter what goes on, or not...(like this blog entry getting lost about 4 times ! because of computer and internet gremlins.....:-( ) playing with colours and fibre (and bunnies ofcourse...Lol) make me smile. I have just finished some Colour your spirit headbands and one of them is just like the orchid colours I was trying so hard to imitate.

The Colour your Spirit headbands are all handspun merino/silk and angora bunny yarn, spun in a very energised way and then handwoven in the middle to keep it all nice together and bouncy! It is great to wear as a headband but also is a great little scarf/neckwarmer! They are available at the market for $18 or I can send them out to you, just tell me what colours you like..easy!

The other thing that made me smile was the start of an Ixchelbunny Fibre and Yarn group on Ravelry ! There are already lots of fun ixchel fibre fans that joined and I am really looking forward to seeing more and more ! Just visit, join and be amazed! You know what they say:"The more the merrier!"..:-) I was blown away by the wonderful stuff everybody had to say and just had to tell all the bunnies as well: I am sure they all understood the fans they had after I gave them some fresh organic parsley and carrots from our veggie patch! We are going to mate some of our bunnies again soon (after the worst of the cold weather has passed us by !) and I will keep you posted on how it all goes! This photo was taken last year of Jasmines litter after 5 days !

A project I have just finished: a twill merino and alpaca handspun scarf, dyed and painted : yum! you can see the "real thing" at the Southbank market this weekend!

Some angora/merino braids have left the Ixchel dyeing studio again and another silk wrap is soaking waiting to be painted ! One of the braids was particularly adventurous using layers of natural dyes including Walnut on Cochineal : the result was just amazing and the richest deep chocolate ! I ever saw (made me get a steaming hot chocolate drink to treat myself :-) )

How could I possible resist knitting with my bunny/lambswool yarn? I know I have a website to finish and so much more but hey, there's nothing on tv anyway and this yarn was just beckoning me to make a luscious soft scarf (not finished yet, but I am the lace stitch is quite easy to do and the effect is amazing: keep an eye out for some great knit kits of this "Coral field" scarf at the market soon!

Better get spinning and dyeing for that next project..and oh yeah.....try and finish that website!!!!! lol

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