Friday, August 15, 2008

Snow, Rain and Global Bunny Warming

It has been freezing !...., snowing !!! yes, it actually snows in Australia.. !and... it was, above all: Extremely WET!!!! If anybody out there has No water I will gladly donate some of mine coz we are close to drowning...the chooks are wet and wish they were ducks, Everybody was soaked and the bunnies were happy to have been out the one day that it was NOT raining and well, I was inside spinning and weaving listening to the rain pouring down with one ear and listening to the splashing water of the swimming at the Olympics with the other ear! With the weather being as it was it was Time to knit socks!!

Max, our gorgeous smoke grey Angora doe, was happy to have a hop in the back garden after her grooming session on a day that it actually stopped raining for a bit! : she has great big bunny eyes that just make you smile. She is the sweetest bunny ever: very placid, very huggable and has an amazing coat! I don't know how she does it but she is never in a mess, unlike some of her brothers (Frodo and Mickey are always tangled and up to some trouble)...

Handspun Mulberry silk yarn

The good thing about the rain was that I have done a lot of spinning ! yeah!!! I have finished some great slubby silks, rainbow angora yarn and some bamboo! The silk Maya wrap is still soaking and will be undergoing a paint-over tomorrow! Hopefully it will be dry for the Sunday market (fingers crossed!)

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Maggie said...

It's not snowing here fortunately, although it is freezing at night. Thinking of you guys, from the Mulwala mob