Thursday, September 11, 2008

Angora Flower Power!

Pippi, the angora doe when she was 10 weeks!
She has really grown up now and is SUPER FLUFFY !

Ever had this sensation of enthusiastically jumping up and down when you take something out of the dyepot, rinse it, dry it gently and then can't keep yourself from hugging the yarn? Well, crazy or not, that is what is going on at this fibre farm ALL THE TIME ! What can you do when you are surrounded by happy hopping angora bunnies with their crazy antics and their totally huggable fluffy funny faces? That's right: don't fight it, just LOVE IT !
So here they are: my newest huggable members in the Angora Flower wrap kits saga:
Angora handspun and dyed in Pacific Dream plyed with gold BLING!
Angora hand pun and dyed in Alfalfa fields plyed with gold BLING!

Angora hand spun and dyed in Dusky purples plyed with gold BLING !

All the Flower wrap kits are AU$50, weight per skein is +/- 100-110grams and comes with a free Angora Flower wrap pattern !
As promised I am also posting the just finished silk hand dyed Maya wrap in yumyum berry colours:

I just love to wear the Maya wrap as a Batwing Poncho/top !

A close up of the weave: a pointed twill combined with a tabby or plain weave.

This Maya wrap is available now ! Just check it out at the Arts Centre market in Melbourne next Sunday or email me when you want to wear this yumyum berry wrap: it is a one of a kind and it fits size 6 to 30! Howz that for a multifunctional fashion statement!
When weaving with a variegated yarn on a plain coloured yarn you can easily do the twill weave and it will really show off your variegated yarns. When both the warp and weft are multicoloured though, the colours will be so mixed that you will get more of a "tweedy look". With a hand dyed warp it is better to weave tabby/plain weave: that way the dyed warp threads really stand out !
If anybody is interested in weaving, let me know! I run workshops all the time to suit what you want and I also have written a colourful weaving manual available for any of you eager to explore the magic of four shaft weaving !


Sharon said...

I would actually be interested in a weaving workshop! I don't have a loom though, so would that be something I would need to aquire first??

Love your work.

PS we are still looking for a bunny :(

ixchel bunny said...

Hi Sharon, great to hear from you and sorry to seethat you are still looking for a bunny....Now that the weather is not that cold (sniff sniff CouGH !) anymore we will be mating some bunnies soon. But as you know, angoras can be a bit fickle and just have fun without the desired result by us....Keep checking this blog (not sure if pix of the actual deed will be posted.....ahum...we could be labeled an adult site showing We will keep you posted of any happy events and you, as a very patient bunny lover, will be the first to know !
As for the weaving: it all depends on what you want to do: a simple ashford knitters loom (a rigid heddle loom with just two shafts) will make great scarves but is limited with the possible patterns that you may want to aspire to. Four shaft looms are very versatile but can set you back more than a couple of hundred dollars. At the Ixchel fibre studio there will be a portable 8 shaft loom available again soon that you can use during the 4 to 8 shaft weaving course or you can just sign up for a one-on-one session to see what weaving is all about and take it from there! Just email me what you would like to do and I will send you some info and prices.
Have fun!