Monday, September 8, 2008

Maya wrap "Orchid"

Have been busy again...(what a surprise....:-) ) and thought I had better show you the Maya wrap I have spun and wove in silk and dyed in ...yes...the Orchid colours !!! Although it was pretty scary to put purple and green and turquoise together (if they bleed too much into one another you get a wonderful yucky poo it ended up being quite a looker ! So, I am posting some photos of the work in progress and the final result! the Maya wrap is handspun mulberry silk, then hand woven on my 4 shaft floor loom and then hand painted.

Handpainting the woven Maya wrap holding the Orchid to compare tones and values (the photo doesn't do it justice because of overlighting of the orchid ...oops)

The Orchid Maya Wrap! worn in the vest style

The Orchid Maya wrap as a top !

The Orchid Maya Wrap as a Tunic/dress

The angora yarn has also been taken off the bobbin and dyed in yummy colours: one a very happy opal rainbow, another one a gorgeous teal with deep dusky purple tones and the other in those greens and moss variations that just make you feel like Spring is in the air!

Angora hand spun and hand dyed "Opal Rainbow"

Angora Yarn hand spun and hand dyed "Dusky Teal"

Angora Yarn, handspun and hand dyed "Alfalfa fields"

Next on my list is another Maya wrap: this time from some silk noil yarn that I hand dyed in plummy berry colours (see the photos in a couple of days' time! ) and yes, some more angora flower wrap knit kits.....It is always fluffy & colourful in Ixchel bunnyland

Oh yeah, website is getting closer and closer ! BUT should you want some of the yarn or wraps just posted here -or anything else you might need for your funky fibre projects, let me know !

Have fun !

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