Friday, September 26, 2008

Silky Spring !

Hand spun and dyed Rainbow Mulberry silk on the bobbin, ready to be skeined up!

First of all a BIG thank you for all of you sending me healing thoughts ! My face, although still scary to some Paul would say...hahaha....has healed up nicely; I feel that my smile is now a bit lobsided though and looks like I can enter in an Elvis smiling Competition....I still cannot eat properly, but then again, did I ever?
It has been a busy week, eventhough I "think" I took it a bit slower and easier, but hey, you cannot keep a fibre-holic down for too long. I have been busy spinning and dyeing some gorgeous Peace and Mulberry silk: believe me they are just to DYE FOR !

Natural honey coloured 2 ply Mulberry Peace Silk (AU$35/100g)

We have a wonderful relationship with a small village in India, where they collect the silk coccoons after the moth has already escaped, hence the name "Peace silk", because no animal was hurt or killed in the process of making the silk that we all love so much. Since I am an avid animal lover, I felt working with this Silk was all good! It feels much better to know that the animal making the silk in the first place is alive and happily flying about making more silk making animals ! Yep, it feels good!

Mulberry Silk tops, ready to be spun, dyed or felted (25g/AU$9)

I am posting some photos of this weeks Silk Spinning and dyeing run here so you can drool They are all ready for the Melbourne Arts Centre Market the upcoming Sunday 28th of September, so if you feel like cuddling some of those silk skeins or silk tops, come visit me at my stall there or please let me know before Saturday night so I can reserve them for you.

Slubby Hand spun and hand dyed Mulberry Silk "Rainbow", plyed with gold thread (AU$32/50g)

Slubby Handspun and dyed Mulberry silk "Ocean view" (AU$32/50g)

Hand spun and dyed Mulberry silk plyed with gold thread, "Purple daze" (AU$32/50g)
2 ply Mulberry silk (1200m/100g) "Soft Heather Fields" (116g/AU$40)
2 ply hand dyed Mulberry silk (1200m/100g) "Galadriel" (93g/AU$33)

2 ply hand dyed Mulberry Silk (1200m/100g) "Ocean grove" (99g/AU$35)

2 ply Hand dyed Mulberry silk (1200m/100g)"Autumn haze" (93g/AU$33)

2 ply hand dyed Mulberry silk (1200m/100g) "barossa valley" (116g/AU$40)

2 ply hand dyed Mulberry silk (1200m/100g) "mulberry wine" (104g/AU$35)

Hand spun Silk Peace silk singles "Teal dusk" (200-250m/100g) ($30/100g)

Hand spun and dyed Peace Silk singles "moss forest" (200-250m/100g) (AU$30/100g)

Hand spun and dyed Peace silk singles "ocean shine" (200-250m/100g) (AU$30/100g)

I am also working on some yummy Australian Cashmere Merino skeins again: preparing them to be dyed in lots of beautiful new colours! So, keep an eye out in the next couple of days for them as well.
If you want to see some more photos please check out my "ixchelbunny" photostream on
We had quite a bit excitement this week since Spring started. Jasmin and Gilderoy our Gold buck have made each others' acquintance and fell in love....yep, they mated this week after Gilderoy gave Minne sweet little kisses and well, she just fell for his charm I guess. I will keep you all posted about possible kits. His brother Chewy, the chocolate buck, tried his luck with our silver fox Eowin as, fingers crossed, hopefully we will have some kits next month! Spring is in the air !

Some other animal news from our little animal farm: Caramel, one of our chooks got attacked and is now condalescing in a comfy straw bed. She had a very nasty wound on her neck and she limps with her right leg: there is a lot of work still to be done before she can scratch around again with her sisters who all miss her very much. She is doing well considering: eating and drinking and hopping around bit by bit. For now she is a house chook though, carefully being pampered...and she loves it. Here is Caramel in here posh bed, with her idol "Babs" from the movie "Chicken Run" cheering her on:

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