Friday, October 10, 2008

Angorino Day and Frilled Lizards !

Angorinos drying in the soft breeze...a heavenly day on the Ixchel fibre farm

A very late blogmessage from me on a friday, but as usual I ran out of time....I had the greatest time thinking about new colour combinations and trying them out on angorino tops and our own cashmere/merino lace yarn. Please let me know what you think and if you want to adopt some of the new angorino braids or the yarn: I can send them to you easy as and as you know , because I only do relatively small batches, there are only a few braids in the colour combinations available: so just NAG ME anytime anywhere if you want one or a couple. Happy to help.

The colours around me on the farm are gorgeous: the apple, pear, nectarine and cherry trees are blossoming, the sun is shining!, the sky is the most magnificent blue and the walnut tree has the most amazing hues of green. In short it is all amazingly tempting and inspirational when you are dyeing fibre ! and most of all: it is FUN!

So here they are the new angorino braids! YEAH! They are all still AU$19 ! So grab one (or more...:-) and give them a good new home !

Walnut blossoms

Raspberry dream

Wild strawberries

Eucalypt forest at dusk

Kookaburra blues

Opals and sage

Walnut Berry Bash

Sunny Day!

Frilled Lizard sock kits!

I just had to spin !!! so I made some new sock knit kits for the bunny sock lovers among you. Here are the new colours I came up with. All the sock kits are AU$24 and coem with a super fun and easy pattern. The frilled lizard sock kits will make socks that fit young ones and women up to size 10 feet. Have a go and pamper yourself with these soft and cuddly sock kits!

Spring !





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