Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Life and ....Alpaca angora tops!

Eowins golden haired Angora baby after 6 days!
It has been, as always, a hectic hopping around and lots and lots has happened! Eowin has fully recovered from her experience giving birth to her bunny angora babies and Minne, who delivered two gorgeous babies has been through somewhat of an ordeal: the angora baby we named "Peppahr", didn't make it...

Early Saturday morning when I went and checked on the little ones I found it in Minnes cage outside of its nestbox. Being outside of the comfy warm nestbox by yourself as a newborn bunny is certain disaster, because unfortunately the mum cannot put you back into the nestbox, bunnies just do not have that capability. So Saturday morning was quite heartbreaking, also because now Soul (as part of the "salt and pepper"team...was all by itself. It would certainly die without another bunny in the nestbox to give it warmth. We only had one choice to ensure its survival and that was to put it in the nestbox with the other bunnies, making sure it would be warm and fed. That meant that Minne would be left without any of her babies, but it was the best thing to do. I gave her huge cuddles and lots of her favourite nibbles and she is doing fine now.
All four angora bunny babies in the nestbox bed : a gold, blue grey(Minnes little baby born a day after the others), a dark brown one with light rings around its ears and a light belly!) and "Tineetim" whose little face you can just see underneath the tail of the big gold one.

To make sure that Minnes' baby would be accepted by Eowin and the other babies, we checked very very often....On Sunday morning for example we found Minnes' baby all the way in the corner of the nestbox on its own in a whole heap of angora fibre that had somehow formed a noose around its little head ! I carefully cut the fibre loose and put it back with the other bunnies and it has been fine ever since and has not strayed far from the bed anymore. Although it's a week after they are born, things can still happen and life still is very fragile. I have weighed the bunnies yesterday and must say, apart from the golden angora bunny(yes, little stubs of hair come through now! ) that weighs 99grams now ,all others have quite a low weight, especially "Tineetim" who only weighs 46grams !
The little blue grey baby angora of Minne, just after being weighed.

We always weigh the babies a couple of days to a week after they are born to check their progress. The weights are written next to all the bunnies on the picture here.
Something new to SPIN! (or felt..)
Yes, we have some gorgeous new organic alpaca and angora blend in tops! Great for spinning and felting and sooooooo yummy! The blend is 5% angora bunny and the rest is organic alpaca natural coloured in beautiful soft grey and black tones. There is only a limited amount available (we only have one grey and one black alpaca to blend with the angora....) so email me ( if you want some and I will send it out to you. The special price of the organic angora-alpaca blend is AU$20 per 100grams! The blend is so easy to spin it almost flies on the wheel by itself! :-) and it is supersoft (angora is 10micron and the alpaca is 19-20 micron!)
Better get going again: I have two markets on this weekend (Saturday is Red Hill Craft Market from 8am-2pm, and Sunday is the Arts Centre Craft Market at Southgate in Melbourne) and there is still lots and lots to spin and dye ! Have Fun!

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Maggie said...

Hi Charly, sorry to hear about the baby. You have had a busy time of it. Hope Red Hill went well today, and that Southbank is OK tomorrow. There are lots of tourists here this weekend; busy in town and the lake is full of speed boats. Talk to you soon. M