Friday, October 24, 2008

Minne delivered "Soul"n"Peppahr"

Minne getting the nestbox ready...

Last night our Red eyed white angora Minne, gave birth to two beautiful huge angora bunnies! The dad, our golden haired boy "Gilderoy" is totally oblivious to the event and just has eyes for food, drink and his new neighbour "Mojo"...hmmm..the mother is doing absolutely fine! and has made the most beautful fluffy nest I ever saw! Her belly is totally naked because she pulled out every bit of fluff she had there and even started to pull out bits off her legs!,,,(can you imagine doing that yorself? My, it does take the edge off the whole birthing experience I The whole nestbox was just filled with fluffy angora fibre and I guess she must have thought that the weather was going to turn nasty because those little ones are going to have the best insulated nest ever!
Here are a couple of photos of "soul'n'Peppahr" so named because one seems a very light colour and the other a dark brown or blue grey one.

Just a few minutes after Soul'n'Peppahr were born..

(the yellow is just the flashlight by the way...)

Soul'n'Peppahr this morning....
Our other new mother Eowin is doing alright although I am a bit worried because she is till losing a bit of is normal but will have to subside after two days, so I am constantly monitoring her and making sure she eats a bit of green that has lost of nutrients in them like spinach and dandelion and broccoli. Her three babies are getting bigger, except the one I call "Tiny Tim", it is still fingers crossed for that little one...If the little ones survive 4 days it is almost certain they will make it.
Hardly had any time spinning and no time for any dyeing. Today is Paul's birthday and we are going out for dinner ! Yeah, no cooking! lol...
This Saturday is harvesting time again, we will be clipping the bunnies so there will be a bit of raw COLOURED organic angora bunny fibre available again! Just email me if you are interested in getting some for your next spinning project: white, smoke grey, light brown and silver are on the harvesting list. Be quick, because we only get about 50g per bunny...If you are interested in a particular bunny fibre let me know !
have a great weekend!

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Sharon said...

How exciting! Have you got the herbal handbook for farm and stable? Although t doesn't cover bunnies it lists LOTS of herbs and what they are good for. Raspberry leaves are good for before and after birth as a tonic - for people too!