Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Angora Bunny Babies !

This morning at 6:10 our gorgeous Silver grey English Angora Doe gave birth for the first time and delivered three beautiful babies in her carefully made nest ! She already started making the nest ready a week and a bit ago and made sure that everything was alright and ready for the upcoming event! It was a good sign because some pregnant Angora bunnies do not have that motherly instinct at all ! Some just leave it til the very last minute and some might not even make a nest at all and just drop the babies where ever...Since the babies need a very comfy warm spot a good nest is very important. I was very proud of Eowin !

Eowin, just after giving birth and making sure the babies were okay, cleaning herself.

Of the three new born bunny babies, One is a huge silver white kitten (that's what little bunny babies are don't worry we did not genetically manipulate, another kitten is very deep brown and the other tiny one looks very dark blue grey, but it is very hard to tell the exact colours now, because they are ofcourse NAKED! (the hair will start to grow in the next couple of days, but you can tell a bit about the colours by the colour of their skin) and..... they are blind for the next ten days.

Eowin is a very protective mum and keeps hopping in and out of the nestbox to check on her offspring....I always keep my fingers crossed that she doesn't squash one in the process.... A lot can still happen and new life is very fragile. We will keep you updated how everything is going ofcourse !

The free Cashmerino Wave Shawl pattern !

Yep, as I promised I am posting the cashmerino shawl pattern here on my blog for all of you who emailed me asking for patterns using the Cashmerino that I posted last Monday. Well, Here it is! Please let me know if you have any problems or questions and keep a look out on this Ixchel blog as well for future FREE PATTERNS!

Cashmerino Wave Shawl Pattern
Yarn: Ixchel organic cashmerino (70% superfine merino, 30% Australian Cashmere), hand dyed 1 ply yarn 1 skein of 50g (yardage: 550m/50g); Needles: 4.5mm or 5,5 mm
Never worry about dropping stitches again ! It is very easy to knit & the result has a 10 + on the WOW- energy scale ! Wear the shawl in lots of stunning ways and wrap yourself in this luxurious shawl !
Final measurements: appr. 170cm x 28cm.

Cast on 188 st (stitch works with a repeat of 10+8st.
Energy Wave Pattern
Rows 1+2 :knit
Row 3 (rs): K7 *yo twice, k1, yo 3times, k1, yo 4times, k1, yo 3times, k1, yo 2times, k6* repeat from *, end k7.

Row 4 (ws): Knit, dropping all yos off needle.

Row 5 + 6: knit

Row 7: k2, repeat from * of row 3, end last repeat k2.

Row 8: knit dropping all yos from needle.
Repeat rows 1-8 until shrug is 11”/28cm or until yarn runs out !

Cast off & Enjoy your shawl !

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