Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Angora Bunny babies and new angora yarn!

What an exciting time it is! USA Elections (will there be "Change" for the better?), Economic turmoil (Recession or Recovery?), Climate Change (will we in Australia still have a colourful Barrier Reef in 2050?) and baby bunnies just opening their eyes to see their new world! I am soooo happy to say that the four angora bunny babies are all doing well and have opened their eyes and are taking their first wobbly steps! Eowin their mum, is eating like a horse to keep up with their appetite! All is well in Bunny world.

Very happy with the colour of this cute angora bunny, with it swhite belly and chin and a mix of brown, grey and dark brown coat. Hopefully this will be an Agouti coloured bunny and that is sooo special!

The biggest baby bunny out of the litter: the gold medal Just after opening its eyes and taking its first wobbly steps in the big world.

Tineetim is still the tiniest member of the angora baby bunny litter but has the darkest coat I ever saw: it will grow lots lighter the older it gets.

This is the Baby bunny of Minne, that we had to put in the nest with Eowins babies to survive since its sibling didn't make it. The most silky silver coat I ever saw.

This is Eowin, the proud bunny mum, enjoying a little wheat !

New Angora yarn!

I have been busy spinning and dyeing again and these are the new skeins that came out of the dyepot! All skeins are available for sale (AU$14/25grams) so if you love a colour contact me and I can keep it aside for you ! Whether it is 1 skein or all of them....:-) I am at the Arts Centre market every Sunday where you can pick them up and have a cuddle...:-) OR they can ofcourse be sent to you by mail: it's easy to get your angora bunny fix!

Kangaroo Autumn

Indigo Bunny

Spice Bunny

Spring Flower Bunny

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Jen said...

oh so beautiful (the bunnies and the yarn!) I just want to cuddle them! and look how curious they are!
*dies from cute overload*