Friday, November 21, 2008

Angora Bunny Baby update

I finally made it ! Took some photos of the babies who have somehow grown very very fast! So without keeping you waiting any longer: here are the 29 days old bunnies!

Eowin having a rest with her babies jumping around her

Spot the Bunny!

Hmmmm very nice wheat and Dandelion!

This is the little one we saved out of Jasmines' litter. It has got a gorgeous silver grey coat and a white spot on the top of its head!

Hello! Can I come and play?

More bunny photos are coming soon!

NEW !!!! Haramaki range now available !

Okay, what is a Haramaki? it is a belly/kidney/back warmer, that can also be used as a top, headband, belt and scarf! It is amazing to wear it , especially over cropped pants to keep your bare bits warm and it is extremely fashionable at the same time! I just finished making several ones in small, medium, large and extra large (to fit perfectly over pregnant tummies!) Colour range varies from dark blue/brown, fern green/blue, dusky pinks, purples and reds. More colours coming soon! I use alpaca, bunny, merino and silk boucle fibres, but more fibres are constantly added to the list!
Prices are AU$60 and every Haramaki is handmade by Ixchelbunny. I am taking orders at the moment so please let me know in what colours you are interested. You can contact me by email or message me at the Ravelry site as well.

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Sharon said...

The babies are so cute!