Thursday, November 13, 2008

Angorino tops and Spindlemaker spindles!!!

See what's come out of the dyepot this week!

Just have a look at the new angorino ! I am extremely happy with this new batch, not only because of the colour but also because of the supersofrtness of it! Even I have a hard time NOT the angorino tops are still AU$19 per 150-160g> Give me a buzzzzzzz when you want to adopt one or hop into my market stall this Saturday the 15th of November at the Steiner School Fair !in Warranwood (213 Wonga Rd, Warranwood) or at the Southbank Market on Sunday. You can also reserve one (or more..) by sending me an email. Here they are:

hand dyed Angorino; 150-160g, AU$19. Colour: "Phoenix rises"

Dingo Summer


"Da Vinci Blush"



"Walnut Leaves for Nuts"


Spindlemaker Spindles have arrived !

John has been very busy making these wonderful spindles: every one of them is a work of art and spins like heaven. They perform extremely well spinning the angorino and pure angora fibres and more ! They are all hand turned and made from Australian exotic woods (they even smell nice!). If you are interested in one just let me know !

Whorl: Australian Inland Rosewood, Shaft: Tasmanian Blackwood, weight: 44g

Whorl: Cooktown Ironwood, Shaft: Mulga, weight: 52g

Whorl:Eucalypt, Shaft: Tiger Myrtle, weight: 28g

Whorl: Blackheart Sassafras, Shaft: Gidgee, weight: 33g

Whorl:Bull Oak, shaft: Tasmanian Blackwood, weight: 39g

Whorl: Mulga, Shaft: Mulga, weight: 59g

Whorl: Huon Pine, Shaft: Tasmanian Blackwood, weight: 48g

Bunny NEws

All four bunnies are growing like cabbages and I will post some photos of them this week when they are playing and hopping around ! they do not want to stay in their nestbox anymore and instead are hopping all over their mum and getting into her food, having a nibble here and there! Eowin is very patient with them and they get lots of nice bunny kisses from her..sooooo cute!

Better hop 2 it and do some more work! See you at the markets or on line!

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