Saturday, November 22, 2008

New Hand Painted Angorino & Cashmerino Yarn

Here they are: the new hand painted fibres! I have been reading "The Lady & the Unicorn", about those famous tapestries, made in around 1480!!!! You can see them in the Cluny Museum in France. By the way, if anybody is going....I am more than willing to carry your luggage, lunches, be a tourguide and translator in exchange for a trip to Anyway, the tapestries are amazing, all the yarns were hand dyed with natural dyes and the weaving alone took probably about 2 years to finish. Seeing there are 6 HUGE tapestries, I think that is quite a feat. Oh, have a look at the cute little bunnies in the tapestries!.....:-)
So, now you know why this weeks batch is kind of "Medievally", there are some more "modern" sidesteps.....and .....RAINBOWS!!!!
Remember: They can be picked up at the market where I will be tomorrow (arts Centre in Melbourne) or I can send them to you by mail. Let me know quick by email so I can reserve them for you....the angorino tops have a tendency to be adopted to good homes really fast! lol


The Lady and the Unicorn

Da Vinci Blush2

Michaelangelo Blush

Boticelli Velvet

Wuthering Heights


Raspberry Rainbow

Dingo Rainbow

Tasman Rainbow


I have dyed some new cashmere/merino 1ply yarn. Remember: 1 skein of 50 grams is enough to make a lace shawl!!!! and you get a free pattern with it as well...
They make a great Christmas pressie (wink...)


Kookaburra Blues

Raspberry Dusk

Alfalfa Fields with moss


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Deb said...

I just love love love "the lady and the unicorn" will email you Charly :)