Monday, December 15, 2008

Bunny projects and new hand dyed Cashmerino

Driving home from the market at Southbank yesterday, I was lucky enough to glimpse a gorgeous rainbow and noticed exactly where in the paddocks next to the road it was ending! hmmmm I could go and look for that pot of gold, I thought.....unfortunately, the more I drove to catch it, the more it moved away! It was magical and reminded me so much of the ancient story told to me that Spirits always move the objects you desire, making you travel more and more trying to obtain it. Eventhough this sounds like a devilish plot, you can also see it as a magical way to see things that you may never have encountered just going from A to B. Sometimes the travel is the adventure itself, not reaching the goal. It reminded me of how lucky I am, doing what I am doing now, meeting wonderful enthousiastic people all the time and how fortunate I am to be on this journey. For all you spinners, weavers, fibre fans and bunny lovers out there: just think that everytime you are playing with fibre, creating that magical project or cuddling a baby bunny, you already hold that pot of gold!

Money Bunny Scarves

Now, what have I been up to? Well, talking about gold....I have been doing some funky "money bunny" scarves. Here they are: braided angorino, hand dyed, pure angora bunny plyed with gold! and money! yes, you heard it right: shredded US

New hand dyed lace weight Cashmerino yarn
I have been dyeing and painting some more of this wonderful lace weight yarn again. Unfortunately a lot of the new colours already sold at the market yesterday so I won't post them here to make you drool for nothing...BUT I wiill dye and paint some more this week! Please do not hesitate to email me, stalk me or call me when you want a specific colour dyed: get your order in before Xmas and Santa will get it to you FAST!!!!

Pacific Ocean

Raspberry at dusk


Moss Magic



All the hand dyed laceweight cashmerino yarn is $18 per 50grams. if you are interested in the organic natural eggshell white colour, we have that as well ofcourse! It has 550meters per 50 grams so it is enough to do a laceweight shawl and you will get a FREE pattern with your skein of Ixchel cashmerino!

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