Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mushroom magic, Funny bunnies and New Angorino Tops

Oops, I am late! I promised I would post at noon but time just flew! But..... it is done! I have finished dyeing, drying, photographing and labelling them and taking the quantum leap of posting them here ....finally. It's been an adventure, as is all dyeing really, but mushrooms give it a whole different meaning...there is a fabulous book out that shows you all there is to know about dyeing with mushrooms, called Mushrooms for color by Miriam Rice (eureka California Mad river press, 1980) and I tell you: it's worth the read...Miriam is the mushroom dye queen, so if you are not sure that you can eat the mushrooms without poisoning your whole family, why not dye with them?! As always I combine natural dyes with Landscape dyes and everything else I can get my hands on...so this time is no different. It has been an adventure! Have a look, take the quantum leap, drool -just wipe it off the keyboard after you're done...- and email me when you want to have one of these babies at home. Here they are!

"ZenBunny takes Quantum Leap" AU$19, 150-160grams, hand dyed angorino tops (only 1 left!)

"Raspberry wine", AU$19, 150-160grams, hand dyed angorino tops (sold)

"PlumBerry Party", AU$19, 150-160grams, hand dyed angorino tops (SOLD)

"Opal Shimmer", AU$19, 150-160grams, hand dyed angorino tops(SOLD)

"Magic Mushroom", AU$19, 150-160grams, hand dyed angorino tops(1 left)

"Great Ocean Road Shadows", AU$19, 150-160grams hand dyed angorino(sold)

"Funny Bunny", AU$19, 150-160grams hand dyed angorino tops(SOLD)

"Galapagos nightfall", AU$19, hand dyed angorino tops (sold)

"Coral Reef Heartbeat", AU$19, 150-160grams hand dyed angorino tops(SOLD)

"Baby Bunny", AU$19, 150-160grams hand dyed angorino tops(sold)

All the angorino fibre fans who have been emailing me and putting a request in will get an email from me today. I have been dyeing some ocean spray, Machiavelli, Lady and the Unicorn (yes Mooska, there is one reserved for you! lol) and Galapagos. I think I will have one Galapagos and one Lady and the Unicorn left over after I finish sending the orders I have, so if any of you out there want one of those colour combos just email me !

I better get out there now and clip some bunnies! Bunny stories and photos will be coming soon again, so keep looking at this blog! The babies are all doing fine ! So happy about that! Oh and why did I name one angorino "funny bunny" well....we have a very funny bunny named Mickey. One of his ears dropped while the other stays up all the time.....it's like he is constantly putting up his antenna to get the best reception. He is the sweetest, gentlest of bunnies, but..well,very accident prone...probably because only one of his antennas is up?....Have fun and be sure to catch up on all the fluffy bunny news soon: this week I am going to post the first installment of Bunny Care Information.

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Deb said...

I loves you Charly....
thankyou, thankyou thankyou...
Can't wait to get my Lady & The Unicorn... Mooska....x