Friday, March 27, 2009

Colour Your Spirit

Sunset Sound waves
(Acrylic & Gold leaf on canvas) For sale Enquiries welcome
The weather is changing, well here in the hills it ! For all of you living in the Northern Hemisphere you are looking forward to Spring and we here on the other side are going into Autumn ! After scorching Summer months with huge dramas of bushfires, things have cooled down considerably here in the hills (maybe started off by those two earthquakes we had in the last couple of 4.6 but still an experience...). I have been cleaning, washing and dyeing lots of fleeces and carding a mountain of fibre and having heaps of fun :) Colour does so much to the spirit: even when you might not be feeling well, just looking at a rainbow of colour will brighten your spirits. Whether it is Autumn or Spring, colours will certainly shake out the cobwebs and make you smile :D Hey, maybe Colour has the same effect as chocolate and makes your body produce a lot of Seratonin that makes your brain go all HAPPY :) and hey, we all need a happy brain ! So, here is the next splash to Colour your Spirit !

Hand dyed Blue faced Leicester & Bunny (100g/AU$19)

Sunset (sold)

Spring Flowers (sold)

Sea Monster (sold)

Ocean Grove (sold)

Happy Kangaroo (sold)

Hand dyed Blue Faced Leister/Bunny & Tussah Silk (100g/AU$20)
Sunset Paradise (sold)

Moomba (sold)

Happy Brain (sold)

Crocadile smile (sold)

Kangaroo Hop (sold)

Hand spun & dyed 8 ply Mulberry peace silk (50g/AU$15, 125-150 meters)

Wallaby(180grams available)

Platypus (sold)

Firebird (220 grams available)

Hand spun and dyed Alpaca and Yak

Sky boat sold

Dreaming (sold)

Waca Paca Batts
To see more views of these hand made batts please check my photostream at

Show me the money... (sold)
151 grams/AU$45
alpaca, yak, silk, angelina, glitz, bamboo, soy,
shredded US currency, bunny, baby camel, baby shetland

Lollipop 99grams/AU$35 (sold)
silk, alpaca, yak, camel, soy, bamboo, fancy yarn, glitz

Silk Road 86 grams/AU$29 (sold)
alpaca, yak, silk, angelina, glitz, bamboo, soy

Outback Sunset 134 grams/AU$38 (sold)
alpaca, yak, silk, angelina, glitz, bamboo, soy, fancy yarn, bunny, silk yarn

Borealis (174grams/AU$50) sold
silk, alpaca, yak, camel, soy, bamboo, fancy yarn, glitz, bunny


Michelle said...

shredded US currency? is that legal?

ixchel bunny said...

$1 bills wear out in about 17 months. If you were to stack all the worn out dollar bills for one year, they would reach 200 miles in the air. Several billion notes per year are currently being printed..maybe even more now with the credit crunch? To keep up with demand, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing often keeps its currency presses running day and night. These presses are located at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington, DC and Fort Worth, TX. Shredded money is old worn out bills distributed by the US treasury to be resold for promotion or craft purposes...although with enough time on your hands maybe it's possible to paste all the tiny little strips together to make a $1 bill????