Friday, March 20, 2009

Old Norwegians and Waca Pacas

Last week there was the story of the Churro, now I am sharing some other ancient sheep breed with you: the Old Norwegian ! This breed represents one of the most primitive kinds of domestic sheep still present in Europe, probably only the feral Soay Sheep at St. Kilda, Scotland are more primitive. The population of Old Norwegian Sheep numbers around 10,000 animals. This number is in great contrast to the situation around 1955, when the breed had almost disappeared, because keeping Old Norwegian Sheep was rather unprofitable until the owners organized themselves in "Norsk Villsaulag". This is an organization working for distribution and trading with wool and meat from the sheep and they are able to pay the members a good price.The production is also ecological since the animals usually graze outside on land with no surplus of fertilizer all year. The careful grazing habit of the Old Norwegian Sheep makes it suitable to keep vegetation away from monuments and ruins and cultural heritage formed by agriculture and other cultivation. Heather, (calluna-heath) is important for winter feeding and the heath needs to be cultivated and the best maintenance of the heath is careful grazing with the Old Norwegian Sheep. The wool from the Old Norwegian has a long staple (up tp 30cm around the neck!) and is around 29micron: excellent for spinning sock wool because of its resilience and crimp. Amazingly easy to spin! and wonderful to knit :)

Also some new hand dyed cashmerino and some very Waca Paca funky batts!!!!

Just stalk me by email or PM on RAV if you want to adopt any of these new born fibre babies :)) Have fun !

Hand dyed Old Norwegian Sheep tops (organic) 100g/3.6oz AU$17

Thor (sold)



Wodan (sold)

Skadi (sold)


Fjord (1 left)


These funky Art Batts mostly have baby alpaca in them mixed with some yummy silks and lots of other fibres. It is heaven to spin those creative yarns, just by letting the wheel or your spindle do the work :)) I have made three Waca Paca Batts this week and one has come out as a very BIG one, called : Sunset! It is soooo soft you could just cuddle it all night long :)) If you want to have a closer look at the Waca Paca Batts please go to and you can see them in lots more poses :))

Ocean, Waca Paca Batt, 106grams/3.8oz AU$32
Hand dyed baby Alpaca, 18micron merino hand dyed, silk, sari silk, bamboo soy silk fibres, angora bunny, angelina, Glitz, yarn, dove feathers (SOLD)

Mermaid, Waca Paca Batt, 116 grams/4.2oz AU$37 (SOLD)
Hand dyed baby Alpaca, 18microm merino hand dyed, silk, sari silk, bamboo soy silk fibres, baby camel, angora bunny, angelina, Glitz, yarn, dove feathers

Sunset, Super Waca Paca Batt, 184grams/6.6oz AU$52 (sold)
Hand dyed baby Alpaca, silk, sari silk, bamboo soy silk fibres, angelina, Glitz, feathers

New Hand dyed Cashmerino lace weight 1 ply yarn (50g/1.8oz AU$18)

wombat and kangaroo paw

soft bush breeze

coal (SOLD)


Rhapsody in jeans

Plum orchard


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