Friday, April 24, 2009

Banana and Bamboo: Eat it? NO: Wear it !

there is Good news and there is bad news: Bad news is that I haven't had any time to do any Funky Bunny batts, but GOOD news is that you will get an overload of Plant fibres this week ;) BAMBOO and BANANA. If you have never tried spinning these fibres please know you are missing out on something Divine ! Bamboo and banana fibres are high in lustre, extremely strong, feel very silky and very soft to the touch (They are excellent in summer or when you are in tropical temperatures) and above all they are very ecologically friendly ! What more can you ask for? For those of you who do not spin: I have spun up some banana in two colour ways and kept some aside undyed as well . There is also Bamboo yarn in three different colourways and natural as well. As always you can email me or send me a message and I will get the adoption papers ready for you :) Have fun looking at the plants !

BANANA (hand dyed tops AU$16/50g)
Clownfish -SOLD
Reef shark SOLD

Sea Turtle -2 turtles to go-

Parrot -1 parrot needing a good home-

(hand spun and hand dyed yarn, wpi /-10-12, +/- 100m/50g, AU$20/50g)

Dolphin SOLD

Sugar & Spice (available 100grams)

BAMBOO TOPS (hand dyed tops AU$15/50g)

Springbulbs -SOLD-

Silver lining -SOLD-

Ocean breeze -1left-

Coppermine SOLD
Surfer dude SOLD

Matrix -2 left-

Goldfinger -1 left-

Fiesta -1 left-

Metropolis -1 left-

Party on -1 left-

Stormy Sea -1 left-

Blue Mountain Sunset -2 left-

Pinata -2 left-

(hand dyed and hand spun Bamboo yarn, wpi +/- 10-11, +/- 88m/50grams, AU$19/50g)

Flame Forest (available 75grams)

Sunburst (available 50grams)
Purple Heart (available 119grams)

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