Friday, April 3, 2009

Masham, Jacob and lots of bunnies

Amazing how fast time flies: it is almost EASTER! Daylight saving is happening again this Saturday, but the good news is : we get an extra hour of sleep! and boy oh boy will I need that after doing the Red Hill Craft Market this Saturday...:) We have been busy here at the fibre farm trying to get things organised (a losing battle with the clock...) but Paul managed to get more infrastructure done and it is looking good ! Still a lot to do though...I have been busy this week with some Jacob sheep :)) they are the cutest things! and some Masham , or what I call "the dreadlock sheep" :) I love long haired wool sheep just because of that look! and the lustre of the Masham is amazing! You know the staple length of Masham? I measured it: it is 18cm !!!!! what a difference from spinning Yak or bunny ! lol I have been preparing everything for the fibre club and funky bunny batt club as well, so everybody will get their parcel before Easter (sorry for all those overseas they will get it just after...:(..

Bunny news

Flopsy has grown into a gorgeous bunny and I just wanted to share some amazing photos with you.(see more on my flickr photostream at Flopsy loves to read manuals? hmmm well, maybe she's training to become a pit stop bunny? ;)

Chook news

I am happy to announce that Caramel our dog chook has happily entered the chook convent again and is scratching around again with her chook was just getting to dangerous for her crossing the road every morning to lay her egg! The egg urge was just too we gradually introduced her back to the "fold" and after a bit of a social "let's see who's boss here" it all is well.

Well better let you all have a look at the new stuff I have been dyeing and cuddling and carding and spinning :) I did not have time to make batts this week , because of all the batts I had to prepare for the Funky bunny batt club, but I promise there will be some on the agenda next week! As usual all these fibre babies are up for adoption :) Just email me or pm me and you will be cuddling them soon :)

Jacob Sheep.....Humbug Tops (hand dyed 100g/AU$19 and natural 100g/AU$18 )

The Jacob sheep is a primitive multihorned breed with black and white spots, just like a Dalmation dog, just with a lot of yummy In 2009 this breed of sheep was listed as a threatened breed by the American Livestiock breeds conservancy because it has fewer than 5000 as a global population ! Jacobs have open fleeces weighing no more than about five pounds and of medium-fine quality. The Jacob is considered a down breed and the fleece feels somewhat springy. Jacobs are shorn once a year. Although Jacobs appear to be white sheep with black spots, they are in fact black sheep with white markings. When crossed with almost any other sheep breed, the lambs will be almost completely black, usually with a small white patch somewhere. Their wool is heavenly to spin and it is very springy with lots of crimp and elasticity! And ofcourse the colour is amazing. Have a try yourself!
Smile (SOLD)

Bunyip (sold)

Crocadile Party (sold)

natural Jacob Humbug Tops (AU$18/100g) sold

Masham Sheep hand dyed tops (100g/AU$19)

Masham sheep have been bred for over a centry on the hill farms in the Northern Counties of England. They are produced by crossing a Teeswater ram onto either a Dalesbred or Swaledale ewe, both hardy hill breeds. The Masham ewe is medium sized and hornless. Her fleece is long staples, 8-10 inches on a yearling and 6 to 7 inches on a ewe, with an excellent lustre! You will be amazed spinning these tops !

Magic forest mash (sold)

Spring berry mash (sold)

Circus mash (sold)

Rose petal mash (sold)

Tawny Frogmouth (sold)

Hand dyed English Angora Yarn (25g/AU$14, +/- 56meters/25g)

Wombat sunset SOLD

Great Berry Reef (sold)


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