Friday, May 1, 2009

Bling ! and the Power of the Mind

Everytime I wonder how come days just fly by and I have done seemingly nothing..or as I could put it...not enough...I tried everything: running, vitamins, trying to speed things up, trying to be more efficient and you know what? IT DOESN'T WORK! because everytime you are trying to be quicker, faster and more efficient, there is still a mountain of work to do that is comparably the same as before or even bigger! Maybe the pile would've been smaller if I would have been relaxing , reading a book or watching a movie? ...hmm could work actually create more work? Just like when you sleep you are more sleepy ? or when you work out more and spend more energy you GET more energy? It is something metaphysical...mesmerising and makes you think doesn't it? Just like the worlds leaders in these times of economic turmoil tell us to spend more money so more money is made? Save more and we loose more ? What happened to logic? In the old days when you saved money it meant you got MORE of it, NOW it means that you loose...with that incredible 21st century logic I will let you decide whether to be a fibre scrooge or a fibre Winner :) because altough I THINK I haven't done much, here is the result of a weeks worth of fibre and let me tell you : there is Bling ! As always please contact me by email or PM to adopt these new babies :)) Have fun !!!
Mulberry Peace Silk tops, hand dyed (50+grams/AU$23)
great to combine withthe angorino tops below ! in the same colour combos to make a fabulous yarn spin a single angorino and ply it with the silk in the same colour combo : yummeeee!
Matrix Revolutions 1 left
Reloaded 1 left
Siddharta 1 left
BLING BATTS ! (50+grams/$20)
lots of hand dyed silks and Angora bunny with loads of Angelina BLING! The angora is natural white , the silk is hand dyed. Bling up your spinning and try a bling bunny batt !
Grevillea Bling
Turquoise Bling (SOLD)
Baby Bling
Ice Bling -SOLD-
Blue Bling
Angora/Silk 50/50 Luscious Tops (50g/$19)
The fibre Club#1 members got 10grams of this luscious tops to play with as a sample together with their Baby camel/bunny hand dyed tops. If you want to play with these tops as well, do not miss out ! Only a limited supply available and it is seriously droolworthy to spin up !
Hand dyed Angorino tops ( 150-160g/AU$19)
in this weeks theme of Keanu Reeves movies :)
Neo -SOLD-
Morpheus -sold-
Mouse sold
Trinity -sold-
Tank sold
Apoc -sold-
Agent Smith -SOLD-
Switch -sold-
Speed -SOLD-
Little Buddha -sold-
Mnemonic -sold-
Dracula -SOLD-
Constantine -sold-
Klaatu -SOLD-
The Bendigo Sheep and wool show will be on again this year on 17-18-19 July !!! and we will be there with loads and loads of New Special hand dyed fibres from bunny to Yak, Silk to Bamboo and lots of super special hand dyed wool tops (Churro, Massam, Shetland, BFL, etc, etc) not to forget our blend of Angorino tops as well ! Visit us at the Craft Sheds this year and go to our special Batt cave :) Prepare to get a lot of Ixchel Bunny Fibre Love :)

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