Friday, May 15, 2009

Camelbunnies: a new adventure!

What? Camels in Australia? Oh yeah! and they are gorgeous too (unless they spit on The first camels were imported in Australia in 1840 from the Canary islands to help with the Burke & Wills expedition and after that until 1907 about 12.000 animals arrived ! Australia's wild camel population is the biggest in the world ! Camels are well adapted to harsh climates and can travel 100 miles without water. They retain water efficiently and a thirsty camel can drink 40 litres of water in 13 minutes. In remote areas of Mongolia these animals provide many of life's necessities including camel hair which is woven and felted into clothing, blankets and tents called Yurts. As with the Cashmere goats and the Yaks, the down is used and not the harsh outer coat. Every year the Camel sheds his coat and the down is collected by combing not by shearing. The warmth and the fineness is comparable to Cashmere and the Baby camel down blend that I am offering you now is measured at 8 micron! Blended together with angora bunny and gorgeous A grade Mulberry silk it is the most luxurious blend the Ixchel Fibre farm has now.
Please have a look at this weeks new super luscious fibre adventure and I assure you : when you cuddle this fibre you will be amazed how soft it is and how easy and beautiful it spins up ! To knit with it is heaven and the garments made from this fibre will keep you very nice toasty warm as well for Winter :) Enjoy the photos and please let me know if you want to adopt some of these new fibre babies by just emailing me ! Happy stalking :)

Hand spun Baby Camel Bunny Yarn (25g/AU$14, 8ply, 40meters)

Hand spun baby camel bunny and silk (25g/AU$15, +/- 54meters)

Hand dyed Baby CamelBunny Tops (100g/AU$35)

Desert Rose SOLD

Dance Hall Days 1 left

DIG tree 1 left

Priscilla Queen of the Desert SOLD

Burke&Wills 1 left

Daintree 1 left
Natural Baby Camel Bunny

Hand dyed Baby Camel+Bunny+Silk tops (100g/AU$38)

Wichity Grub 1 left

Salt water Croc
Outback firefly SOLD

Shark Attack ! SOLD

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