Friday, May 8, 2009

Oh Deer.....

It is very dangerous to drive a car in the least, that's what the insurance companies seem to think because they actually charge you more when you own a car and live in the city: more cars, more chances to get an you would say that we are pretty safe here in the country! Hardly any cars, no traffic jams, in fact there is only one traffic light and that one is about 16 kms away from us....easy....calm...relaxed driving.......think again....although there are no cars, there are other high frequency users of the road, especially crossing roads at high speeds and making their moves as if they were behind the wheel of a, not people, I am talking about wild life ! We have invaded their territory and they have absolutely no idea that a strip of asphalt means that you have to look left and then right and then left again before crossing the road, so we have to do that for them....unless ofcourse they run out at the speed of light and BANG! ......On his way to work on Tuesday morning very very early, Paul had a very close encounter with a wild Deer, who wanted to jump in the passenger seat and get a ride, unfortunately the door was closed at the, he had a side on collision with the car, swung around and left his BIG bum marks all over the left side of the car....half totalling it....before Paul could even STOP ! The Deer decided that it wasn't sticking around to fill out any insurance papers and ran off..just as bewildered and shaken as Paul was at that time....The deer is fine, Paul is fine, I am fine...the car however ........needs Botox...and heaps of it. We were all very lucky, and that includes the Deer as well :) , that it was not a head on collision and that Paul wasn't driving fast, otherwise this Update probably wouldn't have happened and there wouldn't be any WILD LIFE STITCH stitch markers, WPI Pins, Silk Yarn and Baby Shetland for you to drool over....lucky! As always just email me when you want to cuddle anything in person, or when you are on just PM me and I will give you all the details then. Have fun !!!

Wild Life Stitchmarkers
(hand made wooden cut outs with gold coloured rings) AU$5/piece

Hand turned fancy wood WPI pins (measures exactly how many winds per inch your yarn is: great for spinning and weaving !)
Fancy Wooden hand turned Pins
(au$30/wpi pins, au$25/fancy pins)

Osage orange wpi pin

Mulga wpi pin -sold-

Osage orange pin

Walnut fancy pin

Baby Shetland Tops (hand dyed 100g/au$20)
The Shetland's roots go back over a thousand years, probably to sheep brought to the Shetland Islands by viking settlers. They belong to the Northern European short-tailed group which also contains the Finnsheep, Norwegian Spaelsau, Icelandics, Romanovs and others.
The Shetland is the smallest of the British breeds and it retains many of the characteristics of wild sheep. Today they are considered a primitive or "unimproved" breed. The number of pedigree animals is approximately 2,000 breeding ewes in the UK which is an increase over the last ten years. They are now classed as a minority breed under the Rare Breeds Survival Trust (RBST) having previously been a rare breed.
The wonderful range of natural colours and the high quality of Shetland fleece have traditionally been important to the wool industry of the Shetland Islands. Natural colours are often used undyed to make outstanding Shetland knitgoods. These range from colourful and water resistant outdoor type sweaters and jackets to baby items and the very fine wedding ring shawls; so fine that they can be drawn smoothly through a bride's wedding ring. Shetland sheep display a very wide variety of colors. White is a dominant colour in Shetlands but the sheep can be black, brown toned grey, shaela (dark silvery grey), medium or light silvery grey, ivory, fawn, mioget (golden honey coloured), moorit (reddish brown) or dark brown. Shetland wool is wonderful to spin and knit with. Especially the humbug mix, a unique blend of three different Shetland colours offers a fabulous variety of colour in your spinning ! Whether it be the natural humbug or the hand dyed humbug. Have a try ! :)

Spring Lamb 1 left

Purple Dream 2 left

Green wave SOLD

Eucalypt sunset SOLD

Cyclamen 1 left

Baby Shetland Humbug Tops (100g/au$18)


Mulberry Silk Laceweight (1200meters/100grams/au$33)

Dark Flax SOLD

Hand spun and hand dyed Mulberry Peace silk with Gold thread (50g/au$32)

Sunset Boulevard


Sage Pearl


Passion flower


Lucy in the sky -sold-

Diamond sky


Coral -sold-

Next Week

Surprises with Camels, Yaks and more Bunny goodies and maybe even more ? !

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