Friday, June 12, 2009

A Road with a Gaggle of ....Ducks

Remember the story I told you about Caramel, the chook that crossed the road ? Well, I think there is something with the road...Yesterday around 12, Jazz was outside watching over our chooks and bunnies as usual and I was working inside dyeing some new angorinos and silk. All of a sudden I hear her barking and since it was that time of day I was suspecting it to be her saying "Hello" to our Postie possibly delivering a parcel ? So out I hop wearing my yellow dyeing gloves and apron (believe me a sight to scare anybody and run to the front of the driveway to greet the bringer of gifts, so I presumed.....Instead I was welcomed by ...a gaggle of busily squaking big white Ducks who had congragated on the road and were wiggling their tails, waggling as fast as they could in the left hand lane in the direction of Yarra Junction ! And all the time they were talking in "Duck" presumably asking each other; "Are we there yet?".... Where ever "there" would be. All of a sudden I hear a rustling sound coming out of the bush just across the road where the State Forest is and behold: there is a little brownish Duck squaking "Wait for me! Wait for me!" and starts wiggling and waggling towards the gaggle now already going around the bend. All the time I was standing there, in amazement watching this scene with Jazz sitting beside me. It was like the "Tour de Duck" ! Luckily there hardly is any traffic but I waited around to make sure that they were alright and off the road. I did manage to wave one passing car, who must have thought "who is that crazy person wearing yellow gloves and an apron waving at me???' and when I told him that he should be careful because there was a gaggle of ducks on the road, he must have really thought I'd lost my marbles......

I have hand dyed some new angorino tops for you again. So have a look and just contact me if you want to give it a good home.

Hand dyed Angorino Tops (150-160g AU$19)
Wag your tail feather -SOLD-
Tour de Duck-SOLD-
Harlequin Duck
Punk Duck
Duck a l'orange

Have a wonderful week !

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diane_s said...

I have two of those . They are Indian Runner ducks. Very amusing , wine bottles on legs!

ixchel bunny said...

hmmm wish I could have coraled them ..I could do with a wine bottel on

Lynne S of Oz said...

I love runner ducks! Something about them is just so much better than normal ducks. Maybe they remind me of Ping.