Friday, June 26, 2009

Wishing upon a star

winter solstice sunrise

I love fairy tales and magic...that's why I probably cook up colourful brews in my cauldron, play with fibres and talk to the fuzzi wuzzi animals at the Ixchel fibre farm. I have been wishing on a star for more time in this busy period but the winter solstice was against me and gave me the shortest day ever...I seem to have lots of energy though because I have to saturday there is the mini wool expo on at the Brunswick town hall in Melbourne and after that , well, it is the Bendigo show on the 17/18th and 19th of July ! I have been busy with the dye pot and the wheel for these two shows and updates in the meantime and although you might think "hey, where is all the stuff?" think again and come down to the shows because I have prepared a HUGE amount of yummy fibres: about 7 big tubs filled with yarns! silk, bfl bunny!, angora, yak!, alpaca and more! and that is not even counting the hand dyed tops! The days have been long (just looking at the clock and seeing that it's 3.25am! is telling my brain that I am absolutely before my head hits the keyboard. here is a little update to get your juices flowing :)

Hand dyed Blue faced Leicester Bunny Tops 100g/AU$20

Fairy godmother


Wishing upon a star - sold-

Jiminy cricket -sold-

Gepetto -sold-

Hand dyed BFL/bunny yarn, sockweight 2 ply 100g/AU$26
Gorgeously lustrous with an excellent yardage of +/- 350meters/100g. I am very very excited about this yarn and am working on more colourcombinations so I can offer you lots and lots of choices. Fabulous for socks, shawls and soft as cashmere !



Juicy fruit

True love

This yarn is out of this world so if you have a project in mind, you can let me know what colours you want and I can dye it for you :)

have a great weekend and hope to see you at the Mini wool expo or On line at !

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